Wednesday, July 13, 2016

To my fifth son on his first birthday.

My Dearest Indy Rush, 

One year old. One of five.

Some people might feel sorry for you little one… “5th Child… how can you even care and nurture that many children? Obviously they will be lonely and overlooked…”

Let me let you in on a little secret Indiana, you don’t ever have to worry about that. 

Just this week, you started trying to balance and stand on those wobbly little legs. And instead of just mommy and daddy clapping, you had four older brothers encouraging you. It sounded like someone just hit a home run in the World Series the way they cheered for you attempting your first step. 

It blessed my mama heart to see their faces genuinely light up with pride, “Mom!!! Did you see that?? Indy is trying to WALK!!"

Yes, yes, my darling… it is quite the accomplishment that first step. While some people might think by the fifth child 'first steps' or 'rolling over' or saying “dada” and “mama” for the first time would lose it’s luster. 

They couldn't be more wrong. Every “first” is full of joy for us… and it never gets old. If anything, we are enjoying those moments even more now because as parents of many we realize just how fast all those firsts come and go and we are soaking it all in, never rushing your journey to toddlerhood. 

Indy Bindy, you were born with a whole team of cheerleaders in your life. And we will be lifting you and laughing with you and celebrating every success and victory. 

And when you lose your balance and fall over… and your little face puckers and those big tears start sliding down your cheeks; you immediately have a flock of brothers swooping down to pick you up, hug you, and make silly faces until you’re happy again. 

That, my sweet, is the joy of being born into a large family. I am sure you will one day fight and yell and get on your brothers’ nerves… but they will also be your best friends, your partners in crime, and your shoulders to lean on when life becomes overwhelming. They will be your protectors and your confidants… a safe place to talk about “dude stuff.”

I pray that as you grow up those brotherhood bonds will stay strong. I try not to worry too much about you boys being adults… making your own way in this crazy world… but I feel a little better knowing you won’t be alone. That you have a built in community right in your own backyard.

Remember to always treat your family like a gift because it is one.

Indiana, today you are one. 

You are pure happiness and smiles one minute and guarded and cautious the next. Sometimes you look at me like you are thinking very deep thoughts… processing the mysteries of the universe in that little baby brain of yours.

You love music, food, and pointing at your puppy, Junebug. Your favorite song is "I go to the rock" and you love snuggling with your blankey.

You are a go with the flow kind of baby and I thank Jesus for you every single day. :) 

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Indy.

All the Love,