Monday, June 1, 2015

This old house

9 years.

This place has been home.

Our first real home.

A good home.

A place where three of our babies grew into waddling toddlers (so chunky) and then stretched out into smelly wild big boys.

Where the oldest three learned to ride their bikes and have riden up and down that driveway thousands of times.

Where we brought Reese and Hubba home from the hospital.

Where we housed and grew a business in our backyard.

Where we burned a million tons of boxes and quite a few Christmas trees with friends.

Where we played epic kickball games with family.

Where we mourned loss together, celebrated birthdays and anniverseries togerther.

Where we bandaged a million boo-boos and washed many a little bums.

The first place in my life that ever really felt like home.

Farewell Hillside Road. You were good to us.