Sunday, July 12, 2015

Party of SEVEN!

So I just logged into the old blog
and looked at the date of my last post. 

JULY 8, 2014.


Seriously? It has been an entire year since my last post?

That is so sad.  

Something I loved so much has practically become extinct. 

Okay, so yeah, it might have been one of the busiest years of my life- a thousand irons in the fire... but still! 

I would really love to have some kind of record of it... A LOT has happened. 

Most importantly... 

tomorrow we become a family of SEVEN! 


(Pretty much the only picture of the first trimester- Sooooo SICK!!) 

We don't know the sex of the baby... which I have to say has been awesome! 

When you have a 5th kid, it can kind of feel same ol' same ol'... but not finding out has given the whole pregnancy a little extra excitement, especially in the last few weeks. 

(my preggo buddy, cousin Christy!)

And yes, we won't be surprised at all if our little bundle is a sweet baby boy... 

but we can't wait to find out while actually getting to see that sweet face!  

So please say a little prayer for us this morning... surgery is never fun but we know God is with us and totally in control. 

Bilsland, party of 7, coming right up!