Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dear Blog, I'm Still Alive.

Dear Little Blog of Mine, 

I am so so sorry for neglecting you this past year. 

I look back on my last post  with such shame (February, really??). Yes, I talked a big game about writing more, adding more posts about the business and the boys growing up. Lots of talk about giving you a makeover, and trying to make up for years of neglect... I got your hopes up for this brand new life, full of words and pictures and scheduled posts, and sadly, I disappointed you once again. 

So much has changed my sweet friend...   I'm a blonde now, did you even know?   And I finally lost the baby weight.  Where were you to document my progress with "before" and "after" pics and measurement updates?

And what about these awesome little guys?? Do you miss them?

They are getting so big and and their wild antics and 
conversations just keep getting better and better.

Hubba Bubba turned ONE in August, and bless his heart, he didn't even get a blog letter from Mama.

This on again, off again relationship is so dysfunctional- will we ever get it together? I’ve already told you so much: my hopes, dreams, struggles and failures. I know you have endless amounts of blog drafts stored away, never getting to feel the sweet release of that "publish" button.  I’ve burdened you with these thoughts and feelings but never allowed you to share them with the world which, after all, is the very purpose for your existence. 

I hope we can just start over, there are so many exciting things on the horizon that I’m just dying to share with you. I know you want to hear all about them!

Please give me a second chance my dear, I promise, once a week postings- I’ll do better this time! 


Your long lost confidante ~ Lily