Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Lil Story: That's what they said...

Just a few 2012 moments I don't want to forget...

* The twins turned 7!! how is that even possible??  
crazy time justa flyin by...

 * Huddy went to the beach for the first time... not so much a fan.

 I think it was a little too windy for him.

awwwwe, baby yawn:


And a few silly conversations I need to write 
down before I forget:

Reese (when Hudson's umbilical cord fell off):

"Mom!! Hudson lost his power cord! How is he going to get his power now??"


Conversation at dinner:

Dad: "Ty, can you please sit up and eat your dinner like a normal human being."

Reese: "Yeah. You call them humans if they're grown-ups and human beans if they're kids, right Dad?"


In the car:
(I had just hung up the phone with someone asking for Goose's number. I told them I would look it up in my phone and send it to them because I didn't know it by heart)

Nolan: "Ummm Mom? Isn't it illegal not to know your husband's phone number?"

No honey... If it was, your mama would be goin to jail.



 In the car: (Ty and Nolan playing "true or false")

Nolan: "True or false Ty, 2 + 2 equals 5?"

Ty: "False! True or false Nolan... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?"

Nolan: laughing hysterically... "uuuummm, false!" 

Ty: "Wrong, it really does make you stronger, right mom?"
(i think they have heard that kelly clarkson song a few too many times...)


Nolan, after Ty got a haircut last night:

"Hey Ty, nice haircut." 

Ty: "thanks."

Nolan (giggling):  "hey mom, I didn't mean it, I was just using star-casm..."

Mom: "What's star-casm?"

Nolan: "you know, it's like when you say something, but you really mean the opposite."

Mom: "ooooh, you mean sarcasm."

Goose comes in:

Nolan: "Hey Dad, nice beard!"

 Quite the comedian that one...