Monday, December 31, 2012

An Epic Year: Part 1

Today I woke up feeling... inspired.

Around Christmastime, my siblings and I were talking about age and getting older... My sis is 4 years older and my brother 2 years older so they have already passed the big "30" mark and I am heading there soon (but not too soon... I still have a loooooooooooong year
 and a half to go ;) 

30 is when you are no longer a "young adult."

You are just an adult... a "grown- up."

There are times when thinking about growing up kind of 
depresses me, but not today.

For some reason today I am filled with the gratitude and appreciation that comes with age.

Today I am pondering life and all the amazing people around me and thinking... look how far we've come! Look at all the new exciting things happening and all the unexplored potential that is right there on the horizon.

For example, my bff Jess is in India right now- India! Now plenty of people have no desire to go to India (I am one of them- ha!) But for her to be able to work in her field of anthropology and travel to these places... it is a dream that a small-town girl didn't always believe was possible. And my sister-n-laws on both sides have this amazing talent for interior design. One could give the Junk Gypsy girls a run for their money and the others house looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine...  So many unexplored possibilities... who knows where it will take them!

                                                                Source: via Lily Dawn on Pinterest

And I think about all the people whose dreams have turned into reality... My cousin Simon became a fireman and his wife Christy graduated from college and had a beautiful baby girl. My Uncle Kab graduating (which no one in a million years would have thought he would do ;) and becoming a paramedic. My brother-n-law Jose is an incredible music minister while my sister is super mama homeschooling her 5 girls.

And then there are those who are already running their own businesses... POP! Graphics, Cheryl McCullough Photography, and Kellie H Photography... and my friend Sam took over her grandparents restaurant (the Pink Pig) and is rockin the place. :)  

And it is not just the people who are doing new things... It is also those whose jobs might seem mediocre, but they are working hard to live the life they wanted. They are raising their children, loving their spouses and doing what they are meant to do in this season of their lives. Those who have been through rough times and have pulled themselves out of it and are moving forward... Those who are loving life and always positive about where they are headed. 

                                       Source: via Lily Dawn on Pinterest

I would say this is a great stage... marriage and beautiful babies and watching ideas and plans become reality. 

All these late 20s - early 30s folks coming into their own. 

Becoming confident in who they are.

I am in awe of my family and friends. With so many horrible, evil things happening in the world, it is easy to start feeling really negative about humanity.

But I am incredibly thankful to be surrounded by good people. Not perfect by any means... but creative, funny, hard-working, God-loving people.

I am not always the greatest communicator in person, but I want you all to know I am inspired by you and proud of you and want you to know how special you are to me.

Thank you Jesus for the mountain tops that help us get through the valleys... and for every person who has been alongside me through both.

                                                                             Source: via Lily Dawn on Pinterest

Happy New Year Everyone!