Monday, September 24, 2012

Once Upon a Time... Reese Edition

Once upon a time,

I gave birth to a son named Reese.

Reese LOVES to read. He reads road signs, cereal boxes, 
junk mail and newspapers, and all his older 
brothers' school books.

Many people are impressed by this 4 year old's love 
for words, and Mommy and Daddy are so proud.

 Reese is loving, sweet, wildly imaginative and incredibly 
animated. He tells great stories and gives the best hugs 
this side of the Mississippi.

 Today I am going to focus on these wonderful 
things about my son Reese.

Today, I am not going to focus on the fact that my 
four year old smarty pants downloaded over $200 in 
game apps on my old phone (totally didn't realize our 
credit card info was saved in the app store).

I am not going to think about how he found the 
phone again 2 days later and downloaded 
another $50 dollars in apps 
(for the love goose, set up a password).

I will not think about our trip to the grocery store where 
he yelled at me in the middle of frozen foods with 
such a bratty tone that I could practically hear the 
other consumer's thoughts "that boy needs 
some discipline."


And I definitely won't think about how he has made it a habit to
 produce a nails-on-a-chalkboard-ear-piercing scream every 
time his brothers do anything that he disagrees with.

And I will certainly forget our lovely experience at 
the ball fields where my spirited child decided he was 
mad at us, so he should just disappear for about 
5 minutes in a sea of baseball caps and soccer moms... 
creating that oh-lord-please-don't-let-my-child-end-up-
on-a-back-of-a-milk-carton panic that takes about 
10 years off my life expectancy.

 And lastly, I am not going to dwell on the fact that he 
took a bottle of glue and poured it all over the dining 
room table this morning... 
I mean after all, he was creating a masterpiece. 

 Nope, today I will just enjoy the quiet moments 
and remember this phase won't last forever. 

One day I'll miss this... 

But hopefully by then God will give me an 
adorable little grandson... who acts just like his daddy did... 
who gives his parents every bit of the joy he has brought 
to us ;) 

Love you Reesey

                                                                   Source: via Cara on Pinterest