Friday, August 17, 2012

Lil Moments: Chinese and Dragonflies

I'm still procrastinating on baby stuff, 
so I thought I would share some of my favorite 
summer moments today:

 Camping was fun... not so much with the 
being-pregnant part, but the boys had a blast :) 

The Bunch twins (nephews) turned 4!!


This belly is outofcontrol...

We spent as much time as possible at my 
aunt's pool. Preggo swimming is the best 
and the boys loooooove the water :)

Nolan catching dragonflies: 
my favorite pic of the summer!

Double Time!

We told Reese you have to smile for the dragonflies to come to you, so he wore a huge cheesy grin around the pool for about 30 minutes before one finally landed on him :) 

 Nolan got pretty bold and started jumping off the rock- 
scared me to death! 

My nieces catching dragonflies :)

And of course, there was a little education 
thrown in there. The boys kept up with their
Chinese lessons from Aunt Rita (who is also 
preggo with a baby boy): 

...and they have been reading like crazy- so proud!

Now we all know Reese has somewhat of a "cartoonish" 
voice... I found this video of him reading from a few months
 ago and well, it cracks me up- he even adds a little accent
 at the end for good measure. :) 

Happy Friday y'all!! :)

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