Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Lil Baby Bumpage: Ginormous.. 38 Weeks.

38 Weeks! 


Because I am having the whole scheduled 
c-section thing, that means 8 days and counting... 

Me:  Ready, ready, sooooooo ready... can't sleep, even with my 
2.4 million pillows tucked everywhere. Can't wait to
meet this wild child.

Babe: He's just hanging out... being massive. 

I get the "are you positive it's not twins again?" 
comment on the reg... awesome.

Bod: The swelling has begun like whoa. I did pretty 
well this time... lasted almost the whole nine months without
 these lovely cankles and sausage fingers.

In other news...

My mom and sis threw me a casual family shower Friday night at our place. I wasn't really planning on a shower this time around (4th boy and all) but I am so thankful they decided to, not only because it was fun to get together and celebrate this little guy, but also because it forced me and goose to finally get some sort of nursery together and deep clean the house before we brought a newborn home. Having people over is the best motivation! 

Thank you guys for the awesome gifts, 
we got exactly what we needed!


Goose got suckered in to hanging out all night 
with the ladies ...only fair he should have to attend 
at least one of his kid's showers ;)

(he took every opportunity to
 be obnoxious of course :)

And, in case you were wondering, 
we still have not decided on a name.

 I like Silas, Elliott, Lincoln, and 
Tobias (Toby for short)... Goose loves the name 
Hudson, but I am hearing it everywhere.

  We put up this board for fun at the shower and let everyone vote on their favorite:

 Toby and William won the vote, but sorry 
Grandmas, "William Robert" has been vetoed. 

Not that William is a terrible 
name or anything, but Billy Bob Bilsland...

just ain't gonna happen. ;)


BTW, have I mentioned how many pregnant women there are
in this family right now???

(Me and my big sis who is due in Nov. with her 5th girl)

  (my cousin Christy (left) is due in Feb with her first)

(Don't mind my goofy uncle)

My aunt Rita (back) is due in October with 
her second, a boy this time.

And my sis-n-law, Amy, on goose's side is 
also pregnant with a little girl (due in December).

That means there will be brand-new, beautiful babies
 everywhere over the next few months.

Love, love, love!!!  Can't wait!