Friday, July 6, 2012

SUYL: Kids Bathroom- Before and Afters

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is still doing her 
home tour series each Friday.

This week is bathrooms.

We have two. The master still needs some 
work, but the boys/guest bathroom just got 
redone thanks to some inspiration 
off the internet.
Before it was a simple light blue with a 
few pictures of the twins when they were babies. 

After looking online for some inspiration,
 I pinned this picture:

                                                                               Source: via Lily on Pinterest

                                                                                       I loved the stripes and bright colors.

                                                                                  So we bought an awesome colorful map 
                                           shower curtain on Ebay, then we took
                                               the colors from the map and used 
                                             those for our stripes.

                                        I found some travel themed books and old 
                                         globe at a thrift store,
                                     and coordinating hand towels at 
                                      Walmart for the shelf decor. 


                                 I found three colorful state silhouettes 
                            (Georgia, Iowa, and Michigan for where us and  
                            our parents were born)  and printed some
                                    "world" themed poems for the wall. 

And I love the hardware on the vanity. :)

The shower curtain is definitely the best part!
 These little dudes love geography.

They ask all about the different states, countries, 
and continents. It's definitely helped with the
 homeschooling this year.

Happy Friday y'all :)