Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Lil Baby Bumpage: 32 Weeks

 I am now 32 weeks... and feeling like 45.

The Mama: Serious heartburn- Pepcid has been helping.
Backache from being ginormous.

The Baby: No, we still do not have a name
It would be really nice if we could decide on 
something so I could make some cute nursery decor. 
Goose really wants to use his family name of Ray for the 
middle name, so any suggestions for first names that 
sound good with that??
Other than being nameless, he is strong and still super active. 
He has started getting hiccups multiple times a day. Love it :)

The Big Brothers: Ty and Nolan seem pretty excited about
meeting their little bro, Reese- notsomuch. :)

 The Room: Nursery is still blank... ahhhhhhhh. I have to get going in there!! 

I did, at least, get our leftover baby clothes organized.
There wasn't a lot that made it through all three 
of the boys in good shape.
 We ended up having about 2 drawers of 0-12 month 
clothes, but a lot of them are not the right season, so we have
 some shopping to do for sure. 

We gave away or sold pretty much everything 
baby-related after our last pregnancy, so I am going 
to hit up some consignment sales/shops for bigger
 items like a stroller/car seat/exersaucer etc.
I found this website
which is an online consignment shop where you 
can buy and sell all sorts of kid stuff. I've found 
some good deals but haven't bought anything yet.
Thanks to some awesome friends, 
we are set for awhile with diapers and bigger clothes.
And we are just getting the rest of the stuff here 
and there- probably won't buy anything brand new  
(except stuff like bottles and pacifiers).
The 4th pregnancy is totally different than the first :)
We did some maternity pics last week which I 
am excited about. I usually do not want 
to be anywhere in front of a camera while 
pregnant, but I wanted a few with the 
boys so I could look back at when it was just 
the 3 of them. Cheryl McCullough took the pics- 
she did a fantastic job! (If you are in the 
Gwinnett/Walton area, check out her 
 Here are a few of the sneak peeks: 

 (yes, reese still calls him Skip ;)
I'll share more when I get them later this week. :)