Friday, June 8, 2012

SUYL: Kitchen Tour

Kelly is doing a home tour link-up for the 
next few months and I could not be more excited... 
As I have said before, I need some serious 
home inspiration before Baby B
 makes his grand entrance. 

So this week is kitchens. 

My kitchen is very plain jane, and I realized 
this even more after taking pictures... Bor-ing! 

When we got married, I registered for red, black, 
and white stuff so I have been pretty much stuck 
with that color scheme for the last, ooooh 8 years.  

So maybe I will use these as before pics for 
when I get inspired to redo it one day. :)

My red toaster is about on it's last leg. 
4 kids later, I'm thinking we need to 
upgrade to one of the 4 slicers.

When we first moved in, these tiles had some 
kind of apple, banana, fruit picture on them... not my thing so
the husband pulled them out and replaced 
them with simple black.

I heart my red teapot. 
Probably my favorite thing in the kitchen! 

Okay yes, that is a Christmas coffee cup
hanging out in our kitchen... 

in June... whoops.

A little picture crazy on the fridge... 

My boys and our nephews. (Goose's sister has 3 boys too-
 fraternal twins plus one more like us)

I don't notice everything about the art or appliances 
when I visit people's homes, but I do always seem to 
check out what's on the fridge. There is usually 
candid pictures or invites or interesting magnets... 

Always seems a little more personal than the regular decor :)

So question for the day, what's on your fridge?
Any creative ideas for that space?

 Happy Friday! :)