Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Pocket Full of Pinterest

My favorite pins this week:

                                                                                         Source: via Lily on Pinterest

         This is so my mom.

                                                                                           Source: via Lily on Pinterest

I can't wait to wear cute clothes again! I am almost 
to the fittinginnothingbutmoomoos stage of pregnancy. 
It's not pretty, people.

                                                                                       Source: via Lily on Pinterest

I love this! Love the color of the pictures and 
the fact that they are mostly candid shots.

                                                                                             Source: via Lily on Pinterest

You know we are avocado lovers around here.
 I made this avocado mac and cheese and it was a 
huge hit with the boys and Goose! 

                                                                                                             Source: via Lily on Pinterest


                                                                                           Source: via Lily on Pinterest

                             I want this somewhere in my house.

                                                                                           Source: via Lily on Pinterest

I am actually doing maternity pics this go around... 
Getting ideas, this pose is lovely :) 

                                                                                    Source: via Lily on Pinterest

I have to do this with Goose after
the new little guy gets here.

               Source: via Lily on Pinterest

This picture of a mom with her sons, 
young and old, made me laugh! 

But then I started thinking about my boys being
 adults and towering over me one day and
 it freaked me out a little ;)

Happy Pinning!! :)  

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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Lil' Bit of Life: My 3 Sons

 Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable. 


          For all you soon-to-be boy mamas, 
here are some things you might look forward to: 

Practice, practice, practice

permanently shoeless

permanently shirtless

Fishing expeditions 

     A million and a half cannonballs...

Tinkering and tools...

Bottomless stomachs:

 That would be a hotdog with mustard, ketchup, 
blueberries, banana slices and Cheetos
on top

And he ate the entire thing in about 2 bites. 

Do boys have taste buds?

Hair Fun (is not just for girls, they love to 
fix their hair to look like super heroes 
and cartoon characters)

Yelling, wrestling, and lots and lots of laughter...

Never a dull moment... boys. 


Friday, June 8, 2012

SUYL: Kitchen Tour

Kelly is doing a home tour link-up for the 
next few months and I could not be more excited... 
As I have said before, I need some serious 
home inspiration before Baby B
 makes his grand entrance. 

So this week is kitchens. 

My kitchen is very plain jane, and I realized 
this even more after taking pictures... Bor-ing! 

When we got married, I registered for red, black, 
and white stuff so I have been pretty much stuck 
with that color scheme for the last, ooooh 8 years.  

So maybe I will use these as before pics for 
when I get inspired to redo it one day. :)

My red toaster is about on it's last leg. 
4 kids later, I'm thinking we need to 
upgrade to one of the 4 slicers.

When we first moved in, these tiles had some 
kind of apple, banana, fruit picture on them... not my thing so
the husband pulled them out and replaced 
them with simple black.

I heart my red teapot. 
Probably my favorite thing in the kitchen! 

Okay yes, that is a Christmas coffee cup
hanging out in our kitchen... 

in June... whoops.

A little picture crazy on the fridge... 

My boys and our nephews. (Goose's sister has 3 boys too-
 fraternal twins plus one more like us)

I don't notice everything about the art or appliances 
when I visit people's homes, but I do always seem to 
check out what's on the fridge. There is usually 
candid pictures or invites or interesting magnets... 

Always seems a little more personal than the regular decor :)

So question for the day, what's on your fridge?
Any creative ideas for that space?

 Happy Friday! :) 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5 Lil Thoughts: Preggy McPregs

1. Pregnant Lily should not be allowed to read baby blogs 
or watch sappy commercials- I boohoo at this  
Pampers commercial every time I see it... 

2. Pity Party Confession: Pregnancy does horrible things 
to my self-esteem. I am normally pretty okay with my looks... 
but now I see myself getting wider and wider with each 
passing day, my hair is greasy, and my skin is a mess... 

It makes me want to hide under a rock for the next 12 weeks.  

Source: via Lily on Pinterest

I usually don't mind being short, but I am 
seriously envious of tall, long-legged women 
with their baby bumps... they can just carry the 
weight so well whilst I look like this by the end of it:



3. This baby is out of control...

Baby boy is a party animal- he never stops 
kicking and flipping and flopping around.
I love feeling him move, but I'm kinda hoping he won't 
be this hyper outside of the womb :) 

4. The Name Game

*I started looking at biblical names. I like Silas who was a companion of Paul in the Bible, and Elliott derives from Elijah which means "The Lord is my God."

*Ty calls the baby "she" and "her" no matter how many times I explain that it is a boy.

*Nolan is dead-set on the name "Yankee"... hilarious. 

*Reese has lovingly named the baby "Skip" and has been calling him that for about a week. 

*Goose still just vetoes everything I say.

5. Baby wearing:

                                                                                   Source: via Lily on Pinterest

So I am looking into getting a baby wrap 
or carrier this time around... 

I have never used one before, but I have already signed 
up for 5 art/craft shows this Fall for Sailor Studio,  
and I know it will be easier to have "Skip" on me then 
trying to deal with a stroller or car seat at the shows.  

That being said, I have no idea where to start when it 
comes to picking one out. I was looking at the  
Mobywrap website, but I am a little nervous about 
trying to put that thing on...

So any thoughts on baby wearing? Wrap/carrier Suggestions? 

Happy Wednesday!