Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So sorry Reese! A letter...

*** Reese turned 4 in March and I wrote him a birthday letter, but kinda forgot about it- whoops... I'm pleading pregnancy brain on this one. Better late than never :) 

Dear Reese, 

I just can't believe my little guy is 4 years old. You grew up so fast, and boy how you've changed. Such an easy baby... You ate and slept great, you smiled and were just content as can be.  Then, you hit about one and a whole new part of your personality started showing... your “rebellious”side. If we told you to come here, you went there. If we told you to sit down, you stood up. If we told you it was time to go, you wanted to stay. And you thought everything was hilarious. 

It was soooo funny if mommy had to run around the house chasing you down to get dressed… and when it comes to getting dressed, you hated it,  and it still takes a lot of convincing for you to put clothes on. You seem to think they are a completely unnecessary part of life. If anyone drops by during the day they are sure to get a glimpse of you streaking by in your under-roos. 

You’re facial expressions are so animated and your voice has such a cartoon-ish quality that we can’t help but giggle… that and the fact that your spoken observances and thoughts are so charming it is impossible not to want to write everything down and remember them always. You started using phrases like “Well actually mom…” and “Seriously you guys...” way too early. Your vocabulary has never ceased to amaze me! You love reading books and learning, such a smart little guy.  At first you hated school time, but now you beg me to start. 

You adore your brothers and cousins and love to play with them, but sometimes you just like to do your own thing.  You definitely aren’t shy and make friends easily at the playground- especially with the little girls ;) You are up for anything and are always so excited when we try something new. 

You are still the messiest kid I have ever encountered. You take every meal as a personal challenge to get as sticky and gross as possible. :)

You are a mama’s boy, and your big bear hugs have turned around so many tough days. You are much more intuitive than your brothers. When I was so sick during this pregnancy, you would put your hand on my face and rub my cheek. Or put your arms around me and say, “I love you so much,  Mommy. I’m sorry you don’t feel so good.” You pick up on peoples’ moods and feelings and offer to help if someone is upset or angry... always encouraging the rest of us. Such an amazing gift for a little boy to have. I know God has great plans for your big heart.  

I know I will miss this stage, where you can’t walk by me without a “huggy mommy!”  but I am excited to see what kind of big kid you will become, what interests and talents you will enjoy . Right now you say you are going to be a “dad” when you grow up and have 3 girls and 1 boy. I know you will be a wonderful husband and daddy one day, and I can’t wait to see it! 

I never want to forget the image of you stomping around in your rain boots or with your 300 "babies" (aka stuffed animals) that you insist on sleeping with each night. I'll always remember your imaginary friend Janey and how you love to blame him for all sorts of mischief. ;) 

I am a little nervous really excited to see you as a big brother and how you adjust to no longer being the baby of the family. I’m sure you’ll do great as mama’s helper.

 (9 months)

 (4 Years)

Oh how we love you Reese’s pieces.  Enjoy being 4!


Mama, AKA, Your biggest fan