Monday, May 7, 2012

MM: Swollen Feet and Only Children

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                                                                         1. Luxuries

Growing up, I remember being hot in the summers and cold in the winters. I'm not sure if the AC and central heating were always broken or my frugal single mother just never turned them on. Those were the days of floor heaters in every room or rotating fans puttering along, barely making a dent in the stifling heat.
Because of this, as an adult, I have always had a pretty big tolerance for heat in the summer. I usually don't think about turning on the AC until its at least 80 degrees. David is sweating bullets and I'm like, aww, it's not that bad...

Then I got pregnant. This is my first "summer" pregnancy and guess what? 

Our air conditioner isn't working.

Like no cool air whatsoever. I don't know what it is going to cost to fix it, but I don't think I will be able to rough it out this time. My Sweaty McSweatyface is far from "glowing" and my ankles are almost non-existent by the end of the day. 

I am not even in the third trimester yet and it is HOT!!

2. Road Trip

We took a impromptu trip to Michigan this past weekend. Goose's grandmother passed away so we went up there for the memorial service. It was a really lovely service, and I was able to meet a lot of Goose's extended family who I had never met. I hate that it was under those circumstances, but it was really nice getting to know everyone. :) 

The not-so-nice part was this preggo lady spending 28 hours sitting in the car driving from Georgia to Michigan and back again... 

After we got back, I spent Sunday almost in a coma, recuperating from the trip. My bum and back are just now starting to regain normal status. 

3. Only Child

On our trip, we decided to just take Reese and leave the twins with my mom. We thought it would be fun for Reese to have a little alone time with Mama and Daddy, especially since his time as youngest child is almost over.

Now I'm not saying having one child is easy or anything, I know everyone has their own experiences... but for Goose and I who have never known what it is like to have just one, let me say, I now see the appeal of having one kid :) 

Reese looooooved getting all the attention and not having to compete for anything. He was on Cloud 9 the whole trip. He got to have his cousins all to himself- what a cheeser... 

On the flip side, I can definitely see how easy it is to spoil an only child. It is a lot easier to say yes when it is just one little guy wanting something than three obnoxious crazy boys screaming for it ;)

Our little monkey did miss his brothers though and gave them both a big hug as soon as we got back. 

Happy Monday :)