Friday, April 6, 2012

Pregnancy... the first 4 months.

Playing catch up:

How far along: 18 Weeks- yes, only 18 weeks... if you think I look huge now? just wait... this is why I have never taken weekly preggo pics- it's embarrassing. My babe has no room to go but out. One thing I do not enjoy about being short: I look as wide as I am tall by the end of it... it's not pretty. 

Btw, if you want to see the cutest pregnant woman ever- go here :)

Her husband took pictures and made a short slideshow- adorable. 

Weight Gained: around 12 pounds- add that to the 5 lbs I gained around the holidays and our vacation right before I found out I was pregnant, 
and I am well on my way to chunky town.


Month 1-2 : Pizza and heavy carbs at first because I was so nauseous and only felt decent while eating... which accounts for the 1st trimester weight gain. Grapefruit juice was all I could drink.
Craved sour everything.

Month 3-4: Coke and beer... the two worst things in the world for a preggo lady to drink. Now obviously I don't give in to the beer craving... but it's sooo weird, I never had it with any other pregnancies.


Caaaa-razy dreams this pregnancy... 
like ridiculouslylongLordoftheRingsepicjourney type dreams
for serious. 
Super nauseous but only threw up 3 times (totally different than other pregnancies).

Night sickness beginning at 13 weeks.

Major headaches during the14-15th weeks.

At 16 weeks I started feeling so much better. Lovely.

I totally stopped taking prenatal vitamins. They make me violently sick. I have been taking the boys' Flintstones vitamins most days. Those don't seem to bother me nearly as much.

Feeling:  Emotional... way more than usual.

Names I love: Emerson, Ellis, Elliot, Stella, Sailor, Violet, Finn...  

David does not like any of my names. I might as well just let him pick something... or the boys. They have come up with some really great names. I think "Hot Sauce," "Benkay," and, "Fingertip" are my favorites so far. :) 

Milestones:  Last Saturday (the 24th) I felt the baby kick for the first time, and now I am feeling kicks like crazy.

 Love, love, love.