Monday, April 23, 2012

MM: Studio Progress and Kid Crack

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lowercase letters

1. Progress:

I finally made some more progress on the studio this weekend. I am so close to having a fully stocked, fully working art studio right in my back yard... yay!! 

I made my last few studio must-have purchases:

 A bench grinder and a window air conditioning unit  
(will be so thankful for that in a couple months)

 I still miss our studio in Stone Mountain, but it has been so much better for the boys (and the bank account) to not have to drive down to the village 4 times a week.  
I have taken lots of progress pics,
 and hopefully I'll have some "finished" pics to post by Friday!

2. BOYS in a BOX:

Boys love boxes... and why shouldn't they? Cardboard boxes offer endless possibilities for fun if you have a little imagination. The boys have made fantastic spaceships, forts,  
robot costumes, planes, and trains in a matter of minutes and had entertainment for hours.

Sometimes they don't even have to decorate it to have a good time. 

Nolan happened upon this box by looking for a place to sit and collapsing right into it... (which we all thought was hilarious) 

Then of course, Ty has to join him and they just sit in there cracking up for no particular reason.

For having such opposite personalities, these two sure have a good time together :)

3: Candy Explosion

The boys racked up on candy over Easter.


 (and yes, Reese had to use a pumpkin basket to find Easter eggs... epic mom fail)

 Usually when they get that much sweet stuff, I save it and let them have a piece here and there for a treat. 

There was one thing that Reese just couldn't wait to have:

And that would be a little bottle with a hard candy top that children are suppose to lick and dip into a vat of pure flavored sugar, 

 aka: kid crack. 

Who thought this was a good idea?? Ughhhh, I was 
hoping he would forget about it and I could just accidentally misplace it somewhere.

But no, he remembered.

And just guess what happened next:

Step 1:  First taste, pure bliss!!

Step 2:  Chug a lug... the equivalent of about 25 pixy stix

Step 3:  Spill remaining slobbery sugar all over Mommy's couch pillows...

And Step 4:  

Sugar remorse.

Don't worry honey, we've all been there... ;)

Happy Monday!