Monday, April 16, 2012

MM: 20 Weeks and Breaking Bad

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1. Spring is in the Air:

Literally, and Ty has some serious allergy issues. We took him to the doctor and they gave him breathing treatments (which he thought was hilarious of course) and then he went to the hospital for steroids.



He got allergy medicine and an inhaler. Haven't had to use the inhaler, thankfully, the allergy medicine seems to be working great. 

2. Spring Breakin It:

Spring break was fun this year. We went to the new LegoLand at Phipps:

They had a 4D movie that the kids loved.

Exhausting, but a great experience for the kiddos.

3. Breaking Bad:

The husband and I had a much needed night out a couple weekends ago for a friend's bday. We went to Atlanta to a tapas restaurant.  Good times... 

When we went back out to the car, we were greeted with this:

Someone smashed the window and grabbed goose's work laptop bag. It's a pain, but we were thankful that was all it was. I'd rather deal with a broken window than getting mugged or car-jacked or worse. It's all about perspective people. Atlanta is not the safest city around.

Speaking of broken things, this is what my phone has looked like for about a month.

 My disastrous relationship with electronics continues...  Amazing thing is, it still works.

4. Out in the Country:

I have been wanting to take the boys strawberry picking forever and was finally able to take them to a farm near our house.

$10 for a bucket and they had so much fun :)


We had so many strawberries we decided to dip some in chocolate, which the boys thought was the greatest idea ever.

 We were not able to eat them all, but not for lack of trying ;) 

5. Prayer:

 Tomorrow is our big 20 week ultrasound. This is when we found out all the complications with Evie, but I have not been too anxious about it. I know God is with us and I am just praying, praying, praying for an all good report. :) 

I am also looking on Pinterest for some "gender reveal" ideas. We aren't doing a party or anything, but I was thinking a cute photo for the blog would be fun. My cuz-n-law is a great photographer, so we are going to brainstorm this week...  I think this one is pretty simple and cute, just need to find a big balloon:

                                                                                 Source: via Lily on Pinterest

                                                                      Happy Monday Everyone!!