Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Things: I Love...

 SPRINGTIME: I love hanging out with my family on the back porch, celebrating birthdays, chit-chatting and enjoying this beautiful weather. 

My little brother JT turned 13 this week, 13!!

 I can't believe it. I remember the day he was born... my sister and I were in the hospital room with my mom and as soon as she started having labor pains, we ran outta there as fast as we could! In my defense, I was 14 at the time and was soooo not into witnessing the miracle of life. :) 

At JT's request, my mom made this layered birthday cake- 5 different flavors!

SCHOOL: I have been itching to get back in school. Goose has officially put his foot down and said, "not right now." I don't get what his deal is... I mean, what's so crazy about going back to school while havingafourthbabyinthethemiddleofhomeschoolingmy twinsandtryingtorunabusiness? eeeeeasy peazy.

KICKS: Baby B started kicking me like craaaaaaaazy this week, and I finally felt it on the outside with my hand today. Yay! I can't wait until goose and the boys get to feel him too :)  

BABIES:  So I lied. I would totally have more kids if Goose was up for it. After the third, I've kinda felt like the more the merrier. We'll see if I still feel like that after the 4th. :)

FRIENDS: My BFF is studying Anthropology and is going to India for the month of May. This makes me super jelly. 

Although India is not on my "top ten places I want to visit" list, I would still love to  travel outside the USA and experience other cultures. I am helping her set up a blog to keep up with her adventures here :)

SMILES: My eldest (by two whole minutes) lost his top front tooth today and it. is. awesome. 

Just look at that face: 

Have a lovely weekend!! :)