Friday, March 23, 2012

Gender Reveal at 12 Weeks??


So I had a 12 week ultrasound this go around (where they check the fold at the back of the neck for down's syndrome). Never had a 12 week before, must be a new thing at the doc's office.

The tech started looking around, does her measurements, then asks me if I am going to find out the sex. I say, "Definitely, I need to prepare myself."  ;)

So she keeps looking around and says, "Well if I had to guess right now, I would say boy."


Seriously lady, gimme some warning before you just lay that little tidbit on me.

I had no idea they could even tell anything at 12 weeks, and she said everything is still developing right now...   so it's just a guess... but still.


***Now I am fully aware of the miracle of a healthy baby and that praying and hoping for a healthy baby is much more important than caring about the sex, but I am not going to lie and say I haven't had a little hope that this baby would be a girl.  (And FYI, I didn't get pregnant again to try for a girl, and we aren't going to keep trying for a girl if this baby is a boy) I wanted four kids, regardless of sex. It just seems like the right number for our family. Although after Evie I know that plans change, and you never know what God has in store for the future. :) 

Aaaanyway, So I get home from the appointment and start googling "can you tell the sex of baby at 12 weeks?"

Most results pointed me to this website

It is an interesting site that has all this information on gender swaying which, if you've never heard about, is doing certain things that are supposed to increase your chances of having a certain sex, including diet, timing, temperature, and a whole lot of other stuff. There are even specific theories like the Shettles method and the O+12 method

After reading and researching all this stuff, it seems like your odds are still 50/50 regardless :) Unless you do more scientific methods like Microsort / IVF with only male/female embryos...

So then I read about the "Nub Theory."  Sounds kinda gross, but the theory is that male and females both have external sex organs at 12 weeks, which means they both have a "nub" sticking out. The way you can tell the difference is in the angle of the nub: girls are supposed to be parallel to the spine, boys are angled up.

Soooooo, of course I get out my ultrasound pics and start searching for a "nub shot."


But, it seems from the message boards on the site that the theory does hold up in most cases.


So obviously, I have 3 boys, I would love to experience having a daughter. But, I always wanted boys and will be perfectly happy to have 4 little dudes at home. I remember hoping for a girl when I was pregnant with Reese... and now, I just smile thinking of all the fun and laughter he's brought to our lives. He is such a character (and total mama's boy) ;)

I know God is going to give us exactly who we are meant to have. 

If I am meant to be a mother of all boys, there is a reason for that. 

If I am meant to have a daughter, I will do my best to learn how to balance both (and figure out what in the world to do with a girl??)  


I actually think Ty will be the most upset if it is a boy. He is already calling him/her a"she" and talking about her all the time. He is fascinated by babies- loves them!  

Our big 20 week ultrasound is April 17th where we will find out officially if we are expecting a little Emerson or a little Violet
 (both names that dave has vetoed- punk).
Can't wait!  

Has anyone else ever heard of this "nub theory"? 

 Have you ever found out the sex at 12 weeks?