Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Bumpage... 16 Weeks

I feel terrible about not keeping up with this pregnancy like I said I would. 

I wanted to take weekly pics. I have taken two... boooo me.

But, I'm feeling much better lately so I will start playing catch up:

1.  I will be 16 weeks tomorrow! Yay!! 

This is the last pic I took at 13 weeks: 

        (oh, and I dyed my hair brown so I didn't have to do the whole bleachingwhilepregs thing)

Here's my little babe at 12 weeks- amazing!! 

Little hands showing:

2. My all day sickness has turned into night sickness and I've had terrible headaches and sleeping issues... I can't get comfortable and I'm tossing and turning most of the night.  
This usually doesn't occur until about the 8 month so I don't know what's up with that. 

3. I got this ring rash during the first trimester and had to take off my wedding rings for several weeks- happened with Reese too. Thankfully it went away and I can wear my rings again.  So weird that it only happens during pregnancy...

4. We started painting the nursery/office this weekend. We are going with gray and white for base colors- then probably using yellow and seafoam/aqua for accent colors. I've been pinning nursery inspiration like crazy:

                                                                        Source: spearmintbaby.com via Lily on Pinterest

If the baby ends up being a girl we could add some pink/coral accents-  I looooove this look with gray, seafoam, and coral:

                                                                     Source: teamshanlian.files.wordpress.com via Lily on Pinterest

5. We will be finding out the sex of the baby pretty soon. I have been feeling like it's a girl, but I am fully prepared for another little guy... more thoughts on that later :) 

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