Monday, February 6, 2012

MM: Bed Buds and Tummy Bugs

Remember this post about my horrible office mess? well we have made a little progress... you can at least see the floor! 

I am almost ready to move the piles of homeschooling stuff occupying our dining room to the office and we may actually get organized before the end of the school year ;)

 2. Sicky Sickness
It's been a loooong weekend to say the least. 

Sick, sick, sickness everywhere...  nauseous pregnant woman plus stomach bug plus migraine EQUALS I thought I was going to die Friday night (have you ever had a migraine? the worst). 

Reese and Ty both got the bug Saturday... So, so sad- I hate my boys being miserable.

But thankfully, all is well now... 
we are praying that no one else gets it.

Goosers has been a trooper: taking care of all of us, doing laundry, and keeping the house from becoming one giant germ. 

 Love this guy.

3. Siblings

The boys have been absolutely ridiculous when it comes to bedtime lately... Nolan is all "Mom, I can't sleep by myself... I'm soooo scared." 

Seriously? the kid is a twin... he has never spent a night alone in his entire existence, but apparently the fact that his brother is a whole 4 feet below him on the bottom bunk is
causing separation anxiety.

Anyway, we make them lay down in their own beds at night, but when we check on them later- this is what we find:

All three snuggled up, sleeping on the top bunk. How can this possibly be comfortable??

I don't know how they do it...  

Goose and I are not cuddlers at all- I need my space.

4. Baby Time

I am excited... yes, I feel like total crapola, but I am soooo excited to be pregnant. This pregnancy had a rocky start and after Evie, I am really trying to not take anything for granted. Plus, this will most likely be our last baby so I want to document everything! Baby bump photos, maternity pics, updates, all of it. Can't wait! 
I have also been blog-stalking hopping to find other pregnant bloggers... it is always nice to go through the whole pregnancy thing with friends.

And thank you to everyone for the congrats and prayers! Please continue to pray for this pregnancy and this new little life. We appreciate it more than you know.  :)

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