Friday, January 27, 2012

SUYL: Sometimes I make things...

Kelly is hosting the SUYL "what you make" edition today, so I wanted to link up and just give a couple updates about 
Sailor Studio (Enamel on Copper Wearable Art).


I was looking back through pics from 2011 and I just loved some of the custom pieces we did. 

 Little Penguins! awww- so cute!

This reversible bracelet was a Christmas gift: 

And this has to be the most unusual: A redfish bracelet (sorry- phone pic):

 Now remember this was made from copper and powdered glass... I cut and shaped it, but my mom did the detailing- She rocks :) 

Now onto the new year!

* I have drawn out some new ideas and I am so excited to get them started. I definitely have more hippie, boho inspiration this year and I will be doing some wrap ribbon bracelets... using hand-dyed ribbons similar to this and making original enameled charms. 

                                                                   Source: via Lily on Pinterest

* The new studio is almost complete, and I will be taking lots of pictures soon!

* I am working on a totally new website (I know... it will be the 4th "new" site- I am neurotic, I apologize).

* Applied for two spring art shows that I have never done before so just waiting to see if I get in- they are in Atlanta so that will be a new experience!  Hopefully, I'll be doing all the same fall shows from last year. 

* To celebrate all the new changes of the new year, I will be having a GIVEAWAY of some of our new pieces very soon, so LIKE us on Facebook to join in :) 

*I am busy organizing the Etsy store to use while the website is being done. I have uploaded some fun pieces- more coming soon!



Thanks for stopping by and check out Kelly's blog for tons of amazing handmade shops today :) 

Have a great weekend everyone!!