Monday, January 9, 2012

MM: Holidaze and Hats

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I am just now getting to look through all my Christmas pictures... We had 4 Christmases this year. 


 First: at my bros house with my siblings and our million offspring = the only place little girls outnumber the boys 6-4.

Second: At home with my boys

(bayblade overkill)

(very serious game of angry birds beanbag toss)

Third: At my gramps with my 40 plus aunts/uncles/cousins 
(by far the most chaotic)

(five for five with the ladies)

Fourth: At the beach with Goose's fam

 Had lots of fun, but I'm glad the rush is over until next year!



One day I am going to do a hat montage on my blog :)

 I heart my ever-growing hat collection, and this is by far my favorite new addition:

I got this at Target (actually most of my hats wardrobe is from there). I wore it to a craft show and everyone thought I made it. I wish! Maybe something to try in the future...


Sometimes I hate that I know this is true.... Sometimes being "strong" bites... Sometimes, I just want to scream and yell and punch things... or weep and whine and lock myself in the closet until everything that is wrong just disappears and life becomes peachy and perfect.

Unfortunately, I am an adult, and I just don't have this luxury. So instead I sit in the closet and pray until God gives me the strength to get up and face my fears... and the hope that everything will be okay.  

 Sorry I am being somewhat vague about this last part, but I have much more writing to do to explain the rocky start to my 2012. It's just too much for a Monday... 

soooo I'll post more later this week. :)