Monday, January 30, 2012

MM: Big Kids and Super Troopers


Do you know it is almost February already??

Apparently I still think it's December 25th:

Coming down today... for serious.


Nolan had a big week...

He got a serious haircut which he was not at all happy at all:

And he lost his first tooth:

I adore his long hair, but I think he'll have an easier time starting baseball if he can actually see the ball ;) 


I realized this week I could write this entire blog just about Reese's ridiculous antics and I would never run out of material.

A couple days ago, I am sitting on the couch. I watch Reese come down the hallway and turn the corner to go into the kitchen... which immediately makes me say,  

"No, Reese- out of the kitchen."
(He is always scavenging to see if I left anything out on the counter that he can snack on.)

Anyway, he just ignores me and keeps going.

"No, Reese," as he heads towards the counter.

"No, Reese," as he walks up to a half-full bottle of maple syrup.

"NO. Reese." as he picks up said bottle and tips it up to his mouth.

"NO, REESE!" as he starts CHUGGING the bottle of syrup like it is the last drop of water on earth.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" As I scramble over and have to pry the bottle out of his mouth.

He probably drank half a cup of syrup before I got to him... And of course he just can't believe I would take away this delicious treat. 

Oh, I am so sorry Reese, I would rather you not be 600 pounds and develop diabetes at 3 years old. ~Love, Mom


Soooo, anything exciting happen around your casa this week?

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