Monday, January 30, 2012

MM: Big Kids and Super Troopers


Do you know it is almost February already??

Apparently I still think it's December 25th:

Coming down today... for serious.


Nolan had a big week...

He got a serious haircut which he was not at all happy at all:

And he lost his first tooth:

I adore his long hair, but I think he'll have an easier time starting baseball if he can actually see the ball ;) 


I realized this week I could write this entire blog just about Reese's ridiculous antics and I would never run out of material.

A couple days ago, I am sitting on the couch. I watch Reese come down the hallway and turn the corner to go into the kitchen... which immediately makes me say,  

"No, Reese- out of the kitchen."
(He is always scavenging to see if I left anything out on the counter that he can snack on.)

Anyway, he just ignores me and keeps going.

"No, Reese," as he heads towards the counter.

"No, Reese," as he walks up to a half-full bottle of maple syrup.

"NO. Reese." as he picks up said bottle and tips it up to his mouth.

"NO, REESE!" as he starts CHUGGING the bottle of syrup like it is the last drop of water on earth.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" As I scramble over and have to pry the bottle out of his mouth.

He probably drank half a cup of syrup before I got to him... And of course he just can't believe I would take away this delicious treat. 

Oh, I am so sorry Reese, I would rather you not be 600 pounds and develop diabetes at 3 years old. ~Love, Mom


Soooo, anything exciting happen around your casa this week?

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Friday, January 27, 2012

SUYL: Sometimes I make things...

Kelly is hosting the SUYL "what you make" edition today, so I wanted to link up and just give a couple updates about 
Sailor Studio (Enamel on Copper Wearable Art).


I was looking back through pics from 2011 and I just loved some of the custom pieces we did. 

 Little Penguins! awww- so cute!

This reversible bracelet was a Christmas gift: 

And this has to be the most unusual: A redfish bracelet (sorry- phone pic):

 Now remember this was made from copper and powdered glass... I cut and shaped it, but my mom did the detailing- She rocks :) 

Now onto the new year!

* I have drawn out some new ideas and I am so excited to get them started. I definitely have more hippie, boho inspiration this year and I will be doing some wrap ribbon bracelets... using hand-dyed ribbons similar to this and making original enameled charms. 

                                                                   Source: via Lily on Pinterest

* The new studio is almost complete, and I will be taking lots of pictures soon!

* I am working on a totally new website (I know... it will be the 4th "new" site- I am neurotic, I apologize).

* Applied for two spring art shows that I have never done before so just waiting to see if I get in- they are in Atlanta so that will be a new experience!  Hopefully, I'll be doing all the same fall shows from last year. 

* To celebrate all the new changes of the new year, I will be having a GIVEAWAY of some of our new pieces very soon, so LIKE us on Facebook to join in :) 

*I am busy organizing the Etsy store to use while the website is being done. I have uploaded some fun pieces- more coming soon!



Thanks for stopping by and check out Kelly's blog for tons of amazing handmade shops today :) 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinning for you...


I have to say Pinterest has been a good thing for me. It can be a huge time waster if you let it, but having a place to store websites where I can actually see a picture?? genius. I used to look online and just bookmark things I wanted to look at later... but I never went back to them and usually forgot why I bookmarked them in the first place.

Now it's all pretty and organized in one place. I have cooked several recipes and done 3 home projects off of my pinboards, so it has officially become a worthwhile use of my time ;)

Anyway, some of my favs this week are:

If I had this hat, my collection would almost be complete!

   Source: via Lily on Pinterest

love, love, love, love, LOVE!

This made me LOL


                                                          Source: via Lily on Pinterest

Pinterest does have one big flaw though... stuff like this: 
                                                     Source: via Lily on Pinterest

makes me want to get married again (to the same wonderful goose of course).

And I sooooooooooooo wish I had done something like this with the boys: 
         Source: via Lily on Pinterest

        So many little moments and stages pass by that we forget... if we have another one, they will definitely get more documentation ;)

And I love this quote- I am going to find somewhere to paint this in the studio

                                                         Source: via Lily on Pinterest


Monday, January 23, 2012

MM: My big dirty secret and other things...


So we all love to see those blog posts that share the real, behind-the-scenes photos of people's houses on a day to day basis. Where there are toys all over the floor and dirty laundry in the corner and dishes left on the counter...  This link-up is awesome if you want to see other moms who aren't afraid to show the "messy" areas of their lives.

Well I have to say, right now our office/hobby room has to win some kind of outofcontrol mess award. We have been rearranging and de-cluttering the rest of the house... but so far, all that clutter has went into one room- and that room has not been touched so it 

just kept piling up, 

and piling up, 

and piling up.

There is like 3 feet of carpet that can actually be seen and I have a feeling that there are probably some long-forgotten Christmas gifts in there somewhere... Now I am at the point where I don't even know where to start so I just close the door and pretend the room doesn't exist. 

I know, so not healthy. Please don't report me to Hoarders.

I promise, this room is NEXT on our todo list. 


If I have a little girl one day, I am going to dress her like this:

via Lily on Pinterest

I mean seriously, is that not the cutest?

Although, I barely get myself  my boys out of the house with matching shoes on each day... hmmm, does it change with a girl?

I have barely spent any money on clothes for the boys because of so many wonderful family member's hand-me-downs. I couldn't imagine spending $40.00 on a dress for a 2 year old... 


So I take the twins to Subway one afternoon to grab some lunch.

We go through the line, get our food, and fill up some drinks at the little fountain drink station.

Sit down to eat, and about halfway through, Nolan gets his "I'm trying to get away with something" face. (It's the easiest face to read- he never gets away with anything)

Anyway, he starts fishin in his pocket for something and then quickly puts it in his mouth, which of course, makes me go,


So he grabs another mystery object out of his pocket and opens his hand to show me... it's ice.

Ice, as in, the leftover ice that people pour out at the drink station before refilling their cups...

Ice, as in, splattered with the soda backwash of innumerable people who ate at Subway that day...

Ice, as in, the boy reached up and grabbed a whole handful of old, dirty ice while I wasn't looking and thought he would save. it. for. later. 


in his pocket.

for later.

I take a deep breath and say, "Soooo Nolan, are your pants kinda wet?" 

"Yeah mom, but only the pocket part..."

Well great then.

Needless to say, my little Einstein got to strut through Walmart for the next hour looking like he had a serious pee pants accident.


(and yes, Nolan will be getting a haircut this week- even though he is adamantly opposed)

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!


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Friday, January 13, 2012

Changes: Part 1: Setting Sail Again...

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

For the past year in a half, Center Town Gallery in Stone Mountain has been our home for Sailor Studio.

We have been part of an artist program down there and it has really been a fantastic experience. As 2012 began, we had to decide if we would renew our contract with the city and continue as a business in the art program for one more year.

My mom recently got married and is going in new directions... and she has been needing to work on other jobs to supplement income which made the hours of the program just too much for her to continue. 

So when she decided not to renew the contract, the managers of the program asked if I wanted to continue on as the primary artist, and basically take over for my mom. So over the past month or so, I have been analyzing and weighing pros and cons to continuing...

On one hand, I love having the studio in Stn Mtn. The little old village is sentimental to me, and I like the small town feel of knowing all the local people and the crazy characters of the shops around us. It's nice to have a separate work place, and being around other artists is motivating...

and of course, meeting and talking to customers one on one with an open brick-and-mortar store is great.

I also enjoyed getting to see my family and friends who lived/worked nearby on a regular basis. 


On the other hand, I was spending about $350 a month in gas driving to Stone Mountain from home 4-5 times a week. The majority of our sales from Sailor Studio come from craft shows and other events, not from people walking in the store- and that doesn't really warrant the expense of being there.

 (yellow daisy festival)

Plus, although the boys were fine there for small amounts of time, if I needed to put in a long day there really wasn't a lot they could do, and they would get bored and end up driving me nuts getting into trouble. 

So I finally decided that financially, and just all around the best decision for my family would be to move the studio to my house. We have a two-story storage building in our back yard that will make a great studio. 

Goosers cleaned it up last week and I got to see just how much space I had to work with. 



The building is already wired w electricity and has workbenches already built in. After we started moving stuff in, I really got excited about making it my own. 

The boys are going to have their own kid area (along w the yard to play in) and they get to help me paint and spruce things up. :) 

After talking to everyone in the program and the city officials, they still want us to be a part of the program as much as we can, which means we still get to do our twice a year fashion shows (yay!) at the gallery and we will still have jewelry stocked there for sale. 

That makes me feel like I made the right choice. I won't have the time constraints of having to be in Stone Mountain so many hours per week, but we still get the benefits of having a store front location for events and sales.

A little bittersweet, but I welcome the change and think it is going to work out really well.

So my biggest goals for Sailor Studio this year are to focus on the art/craft shows and wholesale accounts, and to really push the online market which we haven't done because the store commitment took up so much time. 

So... say a little prayer for me and this new change, and I'll definitely post more pictures of the studio once we are set up.


Monday, January 9, 2012

MM: Holidaze and Hats

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I am just now getting to look through all my Christmas pictures... We had 4 Christmases this year. 


 First: at my bros house with my siblings and our million offspring = the only place little girls outnumber the boys 6-4.

Second: At home with my boys

(bayblade overkill)

(very serious game of angry birds beanbag toss)

Third: At my gramps with my 40 plus aunts/uncles/cousins 
(by far the most chaotic)

(five for five with the ladies)

Fourth: At the beach with Goose's fam

 Had lots of fun, but I'm glad the rush is over until next year!



One day I am going to do a hat montage on my blog :)

 I heart my ever-growing hat collection, and this is by far my favorite new addition:

I got this at Target (actually most of my hats wardrobe is from there). I wore it to a craft show and everyone thought I made it. I wish! Maybe something to try in the future...


Sometimes I hate that I know this is true.... Sometimes being "strong" bites... Sometimes, I just want to scream and yell and punch things... or weep and whine and lock myself in the closet until everything that is wrong just disappears and life becomes peachy and perfect.

Unfortunately, I am an adult, and I just don't have this luxury. So instead I sit in the closet and pray until God gives me the strength to get up and face my fears... and the hope that everything will be okay.  

 Sorry I am being somewhat vague about this last part, but I have much more writing to do to explain the rocky start to my 2012. It's just too much for a Monday... 

soooo I'll post more later this week. :)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brainstorming... New Years.

For last year's words belong to last year's language 
And next year's words await another voice.
  ~T.S. Eliot

New beginnings...  I love the start of a new year.  

This past year has come with struggles and sorrows, as well as joy and unexpected successes.

I get to bring in the new year in one of the most beautiful places on earth (at least as far as I've seen) St.George Island. This place is like a little plot of paradise... it is never crowded, never busy... life just slows down and all there is to do is whatever you feel like doing.

Read a book, go for a walk, ride bikes down the island... 

Apalachicola is right over the bridge and the small town is just perfect, nothing commercial or touristy. It's the kind of place you just park wherever and leisurely stroll through quaint little shops ran by locals. I fell in love with the bookstore there this week. I can't believe I missed it before. It is in an old shop about the size of a bedroom and carries a small selection, but you can tell the women running it are just living their dream. 

The weather outside is sunny and warm at 75 degrees... Doesn't feel like New Year's Eve, but quiet reflection and a thoughtful mood 
has been tangible in the air today.   

A new year, a new chapter in the story. I have become a little more introverted in the past few months, relishing my alone time when I can get it. Growing and questioning a lot, but learning to be quietly accepting of certain things... realizing that sometimes that is the only choice there is.  

I have lists and goals and hopes for the coming 12 months,  but I am more excited about just moving forward and exploring the endless possibilities of this life.

I am thankful today. 

Thankful for the year past, and the year to come. Thankful for lessons learned, thankful for the words to express them. 

Thankful for another snuggle with the boys, a smile from my love.

Thankful that time moves on, and that no matter what we experience, this is not our eternity.

That even the best days here will never amount to the joy and beauty awaiting in Heaven with Christ.

hmmmm... feeling quite dreamy today... probably because I have had my head buried in books all week and my suppressed appetite for reading has been overly fed ;)

I heart vacation. 

Anyway, here is to a fantastic New Year!  :)