Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twin B: A Letter

Dear Nolan, 

My tallest, most ambitious little boy… oh, how I have enjoyed watching you grow. 

Grandma always says that we are born with our personalities intact, and I definitely believe that to be true. Almost from the moment you were born you were raring to go. You hardly ever relaxed, you did everything from rolling over, walking, and talking early, and you always wanted to win. 


At 6 years old, you haven’t changed a bit. You are ambitious and athletic, and your competitive spirit will get you far… as long as you learn how to be a gracious loser on those rare, dramatic occasions when you don’t come in first. ;) 

You are my little clone, and along with your mommy’s competitiveness and chubby cheeks, you also inherited the tendency to set really high goals for yourself. You are extremely disappointed if you are not the “best”. I know it takes a while to learn honey, but we cannot be the best at everything. One day, you will find something that you love and put all that beautiful energy into it. There is no limit to how far you’ll go. :)

You are obsessed with video and computer games. Obsessed!! You eat like your daddy (meaning you eat everything!) You always finish your plate, and tell me that you are going to be really tall and strong because you eat all your veggies (so far you are really tall for your age, so maybe it is working). 

You are my social butterfly… the kid that runs to the playground and immediately has 5 new friends. You easily adapt and jump at the chance to try new things. You have always acted much older than you are; understanding concepts far beyond your years. 

You love hanging out with the big kids, but when you are around younger kids you can be mischievous and sneaky. You have always loved picking on your twin brother...

and often get Reese to do your dirty work (aka- sneaky cookies, etc.). But you love your family so much, and you are a fantastic brother and friend. 


Nolan Mark, you are my long-haired, fun-loving big kid, and I feel so, so blessed to be your mama. 


I love you more,