Monday, November 7, 2011

MM: Xmen and Pinterest

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I do not have a knack for decorating... my house has looked the same since we moved in almost 5 years ago. Case in point, the boys/guest bathroom still has these hanging up:

The twins are almost 6... and oh yeah, we do have another child that is already 3. Sorry Reese! 

I went to FOUR stores yesterday looking for some kind of new decor for the boys bathroom. I came home with 2 packs of ornaments and a red decorative plate???

... told you, the worst.

So anyway, we are planning on having the twin's bday party at our house again this year, so we have a deadline to get this house updated. We already rearranged some furniture- now for the decor. 

These prints I bought at an art show by John R. Duke will be my inspiration for the living room:

 Love the colors! (and with red couches there is only so much we can do ;)

Horrible waste of space....

I am searching for cool mantle ideas- getting rid of my sorry attempt at abstract ;)

And I need something new for these shelves:

We rearranged our bedroom and need something for over the headboard... I won't even tell you the husband's ideas- let's just say there were some creative slogans thrown around ;)

So all this dreaded decorating stuff has lead me to this:

2: Pinteresting

Pinterest did not appeal to me at first... like I really need another thing to do online. But, since I started looking for decorating inspiration, I am loving it. All these pictures are in one place instead of a folder on my computer that I have to search for... awesome.

I don't have a lot of stuff, but here are my boards so far 
(if you're into that sorta thing)

3. XMEN- Bilsland Style

Playing dress up and pretend is one of the boys' favorite games, so I look at Halloween as an extension of that... they just get to play dress up with a million other kids.

Reese LOVED his costume. He got to wear it 3 days in a row, and he was still upset when he had to take it off.  Goose and I haven't dressed up in about 4 years, but thanks to my friend Jessie's costume party, we had an excuse ;)

My little Pyro, Ice Man, and Beast:

 With Mama Storm and Daddy Wolverine :) 

(and I finally got some pics with my new camera- LOVE!)

 4. Palmer

My new niece will be here any day... Praying for a smooth and healthy delivery! Can't wait to meet her!  :)

Happy Monday y'all!!