Sunday, November 13, 2011

MM: He Lost It!!!

1. The Artist Within

Being around Sailor Studio all the time, my boys have started letting out their creative side... Ty will spend an hour on one picture, and then spend another hour telling you about all the little details of his artwork.

Nolan kinda rushes through the drawing part... He's more focused on the selling.

A customer came in the other day and smiling, said, "So which artist did this piece?"


It took me a second to figure out which one she was talking about...

Not only did Nolan tack it on the wall under my grandmother's paintings, he also made sure people knew it was for sale. 

I guess 4 and 17 cents is the going price for a Nolan Mark original ;)

Speaking of fun at work- the boys looooooove going to my aunt and uncle's cabinet shop.  Since it is mostly family working- there are always interesting things going on in the warehouse:

Like box RVs driven by a scooter ....

Held together by a piece of painter's tape...

and destroyed 3 seconds later... ;)


My eldest (by two minutes) lost his first tooth this week!! 


How do I have kids old enough to be losing teeth??? 

Do you know what this means?

No more cutie pie baby face... This marks the beginning of that gawky, (hilarious) big kid stage. Before I know it their voices will be cracking and they'll be studying for their learner's permit... ugh. 

Nolan, not to be outdone by Ty, decided he would be a big kid too this week and took his training wheels off his bike (actually... one kinda fell off and he realized hey, I don't need these things).

It took him literally 5 minutes without them before he was riding full speed down the driveway on his own... didn't surprise me a bit. 

When that boy decides he wants to do something- he does it.  
So proud of him... Tear :') 

3. Sunday Snapshots:

Church,  football, 

strongest dude contest,


world's longest fries,

(Okay seriously... this has to be some kind of record.)

and cousins making memories :)

Never a dull moment around here!

Happy Monday y'all!

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