Monday, October 3, 2011


Mckmama- Not Me Monday

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Oh sweet blog, how I've missed you...

because you know, this is definitely NOT my first post in two months because I am such a scheduled person and would NEVER be such a slacker.

Case in point, I definitely did NOT let my whole, one-fantastic-homemade-meal-a-week-for-my-poor-deprived-boys goal completely go out the window.

And the reason is definitely NOT because I have finally come to terms with the fact that I do not enjoy cooking in any way, shape, or form... I just... don't.

So anyway, I have NOT been MIA for good reasons:

Like our 2nd fashion show event in August

and Yellow Daisy Festival Madness... A four day arts and crafts show that we (sailor studio) participated in that was absolutely exhausting (but fun!).

At least we had great help!

Rita and Cheryl were awesome and of course this guy:

would NEVER help me put together jewelry until 2:00 in the morning after we closed so we would have enough of the best sellers for the next day:


Oh, and I would NEVER blame these little guys for my absence:

As, I have NOT been having tons of fun homeschooling... but seriously, LOVE the homeschooling... and we almost have a real schedule down ;)

And, Aunt Rita is doing a great job with the Chinese lessons :) 

It is NOT the most adorable thing ever...

And yes if you're wondering... 

they are still doing not-so-adorable things like spilling an entire can of paint on the back dock of the studio:

Oh, and then there was the big, fat Braves disappointment in which goosers did NOT almost break down in tears about...

We took the twins to the last game, and we definitely did NOT have to resort to Angry Birds by the 7th inning in order to keep our sweet little angels from kicking and crawling all over the people in front of them.

Oh, and then there was the weddings, baby showers, meetings, workshops, kiln mishaps, and all sorts of other lovely things that have occupied my time.

But that is no excuse... 

I am sorry little blog, I will NEVER neglect you again... 

for serious...  




unless I'm really busy.. 

oh you know what's up.

Happy Monday y'all :)