Monday, October 17, 2011

MM: If they were girls...

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Yesterday we went clothes shopping. Pretty much the least fun thing we can do as a family... something I think would be very different if I had girls instead of boys. 

Goose is bored after one store and the boys are constantly running into people, wandering off, knocking stuff over, and basically leaving a trail of destruction everywhere they go... as per usual.

But we had to get some shopping done, mostly because of this:

Nolan has been wearing toosmallforhim slippers for the past 2 weeks... he needed new shoes. 

We went ahead and got the twins shoes, Reese some jeans, and Goose his once-a-year new stock of jeans and t-shirts... so hopefully I won't have to go shopping with any of them again until next year ;) 


I heart our church. The twins moved up to the "big kids" church and they were given little Bibles this past Sunday. 

Ty wanted to take his everywhere, but it didn't fit in his pocket... so he decided to put it in the next logical place:

He's thrifty, that one.



This kid has been waking up at around 5
in the morning and sneaking into our bed. 

In an effort to break the habit, 
I took him back to bed a few times... seemed to work. 

This morning he didn't wake up until his normal time...

or so I thought. 

What actually happened was this:

 A caramel cake-fest of epic proportions. 

When I asked him if he helped himself to cake, his answer was:

"But Moooooooooom, I only ate the icing..."



As I was checking my emails in the office this morning, I hear Nolan say, 

" awwww man, Mom is going to be really not happy..."

So I took a deep breath, said a little prayer, and walked into my room to see this:

 The white thing hanging over the back of the bed was a curtain hanging across the back wall. It was now ripped down along with the metal rod it was attached to... 


And, it gets better.


On Saturday, when Goose had the boys at home, I get a text that says, "Bring home the other laptop."

My immediate response was, "Why, did something happen to mine?"


This is what "happened" to my laptop:

 Yes, my youngest little angel ripped off almost all the keys on my computer... for no reason.

 At least my Tybo tried his hardest to fix it for me :) 

But still... grounded!

My 3 and 5 year olds are on restriction from all cake, computers, video games, and TV until further notice...

but more likely, forever

Do little girls do stuff like this??

I don't remember ever being so destructive... although, I was definitely obsessed with cake ;)


Happy Monday, y'all :)