Friday, October 28, 2011

FFT: "You're Mine Fravorite"

Homeschooling is quickly becoming one of my favorite things.


Because I get to listen to silly breakfast and 

lunch conversations between brothers...


where they discuss hard hitting issues like how 

many goldfish they could eat or which

imaginary friends are celebrating birthdays that day.
(did I mention they are up to 7 now?)

  I get to watch their eyes light up when they finally "get" it!

When they work so hard on a picture and want 
 to explain every detail,

I am right there to listen.

Nolan tried several times to draw a fish and he was so proud when he finally got it to look right.
He kinda takes after goose when
it comes to art, meaning it isn't exactly one of his favorite things ;)

I get to teach them about Jesus and other life lessons along

with their school work, and I get to reward them when they are 

doing their best...

(I guess Nolan decided he deserved an extra sticker that day ;)  

...and sometimes in those rare moments when no one is looking,

I catch the boys being kind and helping one another learn,

then congratulating each other on a job well done.

And after lessons are finished, if they are cranky and

feeling cooped-up, I can give them a break.


I can watch them race down the driveway, laugh and play, 

and just enjoy being kids.

I have become more grateful for the gift of these moments.


I know home-schooling isn't for everyone, and I was sooo 
nervous at first, but I really feel like we made the right decision for our family. I am looking forward to the rest of the year! :)

Oh, and this!

Future Favorites:

I am looking forward to my new camera becoming one of my favorite things!

 Can not tell you how excited I am!! 

 After my old camera died, I have been using my phone camera which is notsogood (you can tell I'm sure, my blog has seriously suffered).

We just bought the Nikon D3100 (after going back and forth between Canon and Nikon for months). It finally came down to price, and Costco had this camera with an added zoom lens and case on sale for $150 less than the Canon Rebel T2i.  The reviews say they are about the same, quality-wise, so we went with the best deal. I think it counts as my next 5 Christmas and birthday presents, but it's worth it to me.

Haven't really tested it out yet, but my goal is to learn how to use this camera the right way (ya know, reading the manual and everything ;) So if you know of any great web tutorials or photo blogs, feel free to share! 

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