Friday, October 28, 2011

FFT: "You're Mine Fravorite"

Homeschooling is quickly becoming one of my favorite things.


Because I get to listen to silly breakfast and 

lunch conversations between brothers...


where they discuss hard hitting issues like how 

many goldfish they could eat or which

imaginary friends are celebrating birthdays that day.
(did I mention they are up to 7 now?)

  I get to watch their eyes light up when they finally "get" it!

When they work so hard on a picture and want 
 to explain every detail,

I am right there to listen.

Nolan tried several times to draw a fish and he was so proud when he finally got it to look right.
He kinda takes after goose when
it comes to art, meaning it isn't exactly one of his favorite things ;)

I get to teach them about Jesus and other life lessons along

with their school work, and I get to reward them when they are 

doing their best...

(I guess Nolan decided he deserved an extra sticker that day ;)  

...and sometimes in those rare moments when no one is looking,

I catch the boys being kind and helping one another learn,

then congratulating each other on a job well done.

And after lessons are finished, if they are cranky and

feeling cooped-up, I can give them a break.


I can watch them race down the driveway, laugh and play, 

and just enjoy being kids.

I have become more grateful for the gift of these moments.


I know home-schooling isn't for everyone, and I was sooo 
nervous at first, but I really feel like we made the right decision for our family. I am looking forward to the rest of the year! :)

Oh, and this!

Future Favorites:

I am looking forward to my new camera becoming one of my favorite things!

 Can not tell you how excited I am!! 

 After my old camera died, I have been using my phone camera which is notsogood (you can tell I'm sure, my blog has seriously suffered).

We just bought the Nikon D3100 (after going back and forth between Canon and Nikon for months). It finally came down to price, and Costco had this camera with an added zoom lens and case on sale for $150 less than the Canon Rebel T2i.  The reviews say they are about the same, quality-wise, so we went with the best deal. I think it counts as my next 5 Christmas and birthday presents, but it's worth it to me.

Haven't really tested it out yet, but my goal is to learn how to use this camera the right way (ya know, reading the manual and everything ;) So if you know of any great web tutorials or photo blogs, feel free to share! 

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Monday, October 17, 2011

MM: If they were girls...

Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters


Yesterday we went clothes shopping. Pretty much the least fun thing we can do as a family... something I think would be very different if I had girls instead of boys. 

Goose is bored after one store and the boys are constantly running into people, wandering off, knocking stuff over, and basically leaving a trail of destruction everywhere they go... as per usual.

But we had to get some shopping done, mostly because of this:

Nolan has been wearing toosmallforhim slippers for the past 2 weeks... he needed new shoes. 

We went ahead and got the twins shoes, Reese some jeans, and Goose his once-a-year new stock of jeans and t-shirts... so hopefully I won't have to go shopping with any of them again until next year ;) 


I heart our church. The twins moved up to the "big kids" church and they were given little Bibles this past Sunday. 

Ty wanted to take his everywhere, but it didn't fit in his pocket... so he decided to put it in the next logical place:

He's thrifty, that one.



This kid has been waking up at around 5
in the morning and sneaking into our bed. 

In an effort to break the habit, 
I took him back to bed a few times... seemed to work. 

This morning he didn't wake up until his normal time...

or so I thought. 

What actually happened was this:

 A caramel cake-fest of epic proportions. 

When I asked him if he helped himself to cake, his answer was:

"But Moooooooooom, I only ate the icing..."



As I was checking my emails in the office this morning, I hear Nolan say, 

" awwww man, Mom is going to be really not happy..."

So I took a deep breath, said a little prayer, and walked into my room to see this:

 The white thing hanging over the back of the bed was a curtain hanging across the back wall. It was now ripped down along with the metal rod it was attached to... 


And, it gets better.


On Saturday, when Goose had the boys at home, I get a text that says, "Bring home the other laptop."

My immediate response was, "Why, did something happen to mine?"


This is what "happened" to my laptop:

 Yes, my youngest little angel ripped off almost all the keys on my computer... for no reason.

 At least my Tybo tried his hardest to fix it for me :) 

But still... grounded!

My 3 and 5 year olds are on restriction from all cake, computers, video games, and TV until further notice...

but more likely, forever

Do little girls do stuff like this??

I don't remember ever being so destructive... although, I was definitely obsessed with cake ;)


Happy Monday, y'all :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Boys Makin Noise

Boy, n.:  a noise with dirt on it.   
~Not Your Average Dictionary

So I borrowed my aunt's camera this week 
because mine is broken (another reason for the lack of blogging)...

After trying to get the boys to take something
resembling a decent picture,

I decided this:





They are loud, obnoxious, dirty, smelly, messy, 
destructive, and completely ridiculous 99% 
of the time.

But that 1% of big bear hugs, silly giggles, 
and mama kisses make it all worthwhile...

Love, love, love them!

Happy Friday y'all! :)


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Monday, October 3, 2011


Mckmama- Not Me Monday

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Oh sweet blog, how I've missed you...

because you know, this is definitely NOT my first post in two months because I am such a scheduled person and would NEVER be such a slacker.

Case in point, I definitely did NOT let my whole, one-fantastic-homemade-meal-a-week-for-my-poor-deprived-boys goal completely go out the window.

And the reason is definitely NOT because I have finally come to terms with the fact that I do not enjoy cooking in any way, shape, or form... I just... don't.

So anyway, I have NOT been MIA for good reasons:

Like our 2nd fashion show event in August

and Yellow Daisy Festival Madness... A four day arts and crafts show that we (sailor studio) participated in that was absolutely exhausting (but fun!).

At least we had great help!

Rita and Cheryl were awesome and of course this guy:

would NEVER help me put together jewelry until 2:00 in the morning after we closed so we would have enough of the best sellers for the next day:


Oh, and I would NEVER blame these little guys for my absence:

As, I have NOT been having tons of fun homeschooling... but seriously, LOVE the homeschooling... and we almost have a real schedule down ;)

And, Aunt Rita is doing a great job with the Chinese lessons :) 

It is NOT the most adorable thing ever...

And yes if you're wondering... 

they are still doing not-so-adorable things like spilling an entire can of paint on the back dock of the studio:

Oh, and then there was the big, fat Braves disappointment in which goosers did NOT almost break down in tears about...

We took the twins to the last game, and we definitely did NOT have to resort to Angry Birds by the 7th inning in order to keep our sweet little angels from kicking and crawling all over the people in front of them.

Oh, and then there was the weddings, baby showers, meetings, workshops, kiln mishaps, and all sorts of other lovely things that have occupied my time.

But that is no excuse... 

I am sorry little blog, I will NEVER neglect you again... 

for serious...  




unless I'm really busy.. 

oh you know what's up.

Happy Monday y'all :)