Friday, July 22, 2011

SUYL: Marriage Advice and an Ode to Goose

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is asking for marriage advice today.

Since tomorrow is Goose and I's anniversary, I thought it was fitting to participate.

There are a million things I have learned about marriage over the past 7 years, but I definitely don't feel like an expert...

I guess the biggest piece of advice I can give is to try to be each other's biggest fan. Someone gave me this advice and it is something I still struggle with. It is always easier to focus on flaws... to dwell on everything your spouse isn't. 

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. 
Make a point to build up your significant other, not tear them down. You will be amazed at how much someone's attitude can change when they feel appreciated and important. :) 

And because I haven't been the most appreciative wife over the last few weeks, I figure I'll take some time now to remedy that with...

10 Random Things I Love about Goose:

10. The fact that you love books as much as I do... once you start reading a good book you have to finish it.

9. Your courtesy laugh... you have the best courtesy laugh I have ever heard. Even if someone is telling the lamest jokes ever, you make them feel like they are starring on def comedy jam.

8. Your real laugh (not nearly as common). You laugh just like your dad with your head tilted back... it cracks me up :)

7. How frustrated you get when I break yet another phone/laptop/camera etc... yet you always fix or replace them for me. 

6. You think passing gas is just the most hilarious thing in the world... and you have passed this sentiment on to our three boys (thanks for that).

5. It is extremely difficult for you to take a nice picture... which is why the majority of our pictures turn out like this: 

4. Whenever you dress the boys, they are completely mis-matched... and you don't even realize it. 

3. Because you read about 45 different websites a day, you are always up-to-date with the latest news (and celebrity gossip... ha!).

2. You drink your coffee black... no frills, no fuss... also the fact that you are Mr.McFrugle on everything else, yet you will spend 20 bucks on Dunkin Donuts coffee cause it's the "best."

1. No matter how many times I have changed my mind... regarding schools, majors, dreams, (hair do's)... you always support me, no matter how crazy unconventional my ideas are.     

There are a million other things (like the fact that you are an incredibly hard working husband and a fantastic daddy to our boys) but I would just like to say,

Even though I was only 18 when we met and we only dated 8 months before we got engaged (and everyone thought we were nuts!)... and with everything we have been through together: good times, hard times, crazy times...

I can honestly say you are and will always be, the best thing that's ever happened to me :) 
Love, Love, Love!


Happy Friday y'all!

It's also my birthday... my ba,ba,ba, biiiiiirthday today... 27 years OLD! Excited to see where my darling hubby is taking me tonight :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

NOT Me Monday: Redneck Rides and Bubble Explosions

 Between the Snellville show, 4th of July, and our beach trip we have been pretty busy the past few weeks.... but we have not been without our mishaps.

In no particular order:

1. Reese has been up to no good at the studio... using every opportunity to sneak snacks.

He definitely did NOT get caught with his hand in the cookie 
peanut jar.

Actually, he got his chubby little arm stuck in the peanut jar and had to ask mommy to "unstuck" him from it. ;)

2. On Sunday, we would NEVER let our kids partake in such a dangerous redneck past time as lawn mower rides.

...and of course, Nolan did NOT fall out 

and basically catch himself with his face.

 ughhhhh, poor little guy.

3. Last weekend we had a fun family day with just the five of us. We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, ran a few errands, and stopped at the park and let the boys run around.

Reese is starting to follow in his older brother's footsteps in the imagination department...

This is definitely NOT him pushing his imaginary friend on the swing:


Then, after running around all day, we were coming out of a store and I look down and realize...

I was NOT wearing two. different. shoes.

um, yeah...they were both black flip flops, but one was mine and one was my husband's. My husband's??!! How do you walk out of the house with a shoe on that is about 6 sizes too big!??  I immediately had flashbacks of 6th grade (when I definitely did NOT wear two different shoes to school by accident)

I blame Ty... He brought me the shoes and apparently I didn't even look at them before I put them on. 

5. And that brings us to our beach trip on the 4th. Goose wasn't able to take off work so I had the boys by myself. We shared a condo with my brother, sis-n-law, their kids, and Kab and Rita with sweet baby Sadie. 

(haha, Kab with a baby... never thought I would see the day ;) 


Ty thought Sadie was the greatest thing since sliced bread and asked Rita about a million questions a day....

(bath time... what a life!)

The boys did NOT have a lot of fun 
with Sadie's stuff, including her car seat. 

Ty made sure Woody was ready to go!
We stopped by "Peter Park"  (pier park) for a bit. 

Me and Reese rode the spinning air balloons that did NOT almost make me throw up... (I'm too old for carnival rides apparently)

6. But I have to say the 

is definitely a tie between:

 My little niece Nora, 

for her beach wardrobe malfunction:

and my Auntie Rita... 

 who definitely did NOT put regular dish soap 
 in the dishwasher and cause a bubble explosion in our condo:


....the kids thought is was the 

best. day. ever.

Happy Monday y'all :)