Monday, June 20, 2011

This is NOT me... bringing it back!

I know Mckmama hasn't really been doing the Not Me Mondays lately... but I miss it, so today... I'm bringing it back :)

Cause when you have three silly boys, there are plenty of things that certainly do NOT happen.

For example, my sweet babes Ty and Reese did NOT almost make me cry when they came in one morning with this play cake and said, 

"Mom, I made you breakfast in bed."

Nolan, of course, would NEVER proceed to come in after this with his own adorable surprise... 

a water-gun squirt right in the face. 

awww, how refreshing.

At breakfast, I NEVER allow Nolan to make a mountain of milk bubbles in his cereal...

and Ty certainly does NOT show of his quirkiness by only eating dry cereal with milk on the side, never mixed.


Sometimes we go on super fun camping trips:

Where I definitely would NOT let my kids eat smores with filthy hands and faces... 

Nope, I am much too germaphobic for all that. 

And I would certainly NOT let my Aunt Gina 
braid Nolan's hair like a girl:

and I would NEVER take a picture of him giving 
me the dirtiest look a 5 yr old could muster.

But let's not forget the other goofy members of my family...

My Uncle Tim for example, does NOT get the "most thrifty" award this week, 

for making his own camping flip flops out of rope and foam.

But, he is in pretty tough competition with my mother... 

after Reese took off his wet swim shorts and didn't have anything else to put on...

did NOT decide to make a temporary
pair of overalls out of a plastic Wal-mart bag.

(y'all know my mama, she thought this was hi.lar.i.ous.)

We celebrated my uncle Trav and my cousin Christy's birthdays:

We only had one cake, so we did NOT just pop a candle into a watermelon and...


Happy Monday Y'all!  :)