Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One new addition :) and 4 other things.

1. We have a new family member! My Auntie Rita and Uncle Kab welcomed their first child, little Miss Sadie into the world yesterday afternoon. 


Looks just like her mama! =) 

We had a little party in the waiting room- so exciting!


I am now writing on my 6th… yes, 6th laptop.

Do you know how hard it is to keep up with email, blogging, website, etc. when your computer gets broken once a month?

I have had this one for a couple months and I am just now getting all my programs, bookmarks, toolbars, and photos organized...

It’s exhausting.

I didn’t actually break the last one btw, that was Reese… and it was Goose’s laptop that he had for 2 plus years until I started using it.  

Sorry, hun. .. Seriously.

My goal is to keep the new one for at least a year.

One year without coffee spills, kids pushing it off the table, or Reese sticking random things into every port until it blows up.


Oh yeah, I also cracked the screen of my brand new phone.

I think I had it for a full month without breaking it… and did I mention I somehow did this with anOtterbox phone cover?

I don't know what to do.

Is there somewhere I can go just to get a new screen without it 
costing a fortune?

Electronics just don’t stand a chance around me. Ughhhhh.


I finally got back to running- did a 5k with the fam on Saturday.


My Uncle Tim won the whole stinkin thing! 

...and my Aunt Tanya won her group too. They rock =)


Speaking of running...

I got proof! (albeit, a little blurry)

Goose on a treadmill.

Cutting off the ponytail and exercising...

I  guess turning 30 is finally hitting him ;)