Friday, April 22, 2011

Epic Mom Fail

So the boys had picture day again.

2 picture days = 2 times mom forgot about picture day.

We got lucky the first time, pictures turned out okay.

This time, Nolan was wearing a big sweatshirt, 
but at least he is always good for a big cheesy grin:

Ty, on the other hand, must have felt like he was wasting time with this whole picture-taking thing. I feel bad for whoever took his picture having to deal with a look like this:

...and let's not even mention the uncombed hair and one-size-too-small-holes-in-both-knees jeans I dressed him in.

And then there is the classic class photo:

There is nothing more hilarious than listening to your two five year old sons point out each kid is in their class and talk about who is nice and who is mean and who gets in trouble all the time and who is the loudest and who is the prettiest... I am now up to date with all the latest Pre-K gossip.

It was hopefully a good little learning moment for them because I tried to reiterate the fact that we should be nice to everyone and be friends with everyone, even if they aren't always nice to us. I also had to tell Nolan that all the girls in his class are pretty! 

He said,  "Well Mom, they are just a little pretty. But Breille is REALLY pretty."

This little crush has been going on for quite some time now... Isn't he a little young to have crushes??

You should see the look on his face when he talks about her. That boy is trouble. ;) 

So my question for the week is, 

"At what age did you have your first crush?" 

I am pretty sure I was 8. I had the biggest crush on one of the neighborhood boys: big blue eyes, Zach Morris hair-cut... it was early 90s love at first sight ;)  


Hope y'all have a great Friday 
and Easter weekend :)