Monday, February 28, 2011

MM: Stone Mountain and the 21st Century

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. The 21st Century

Technology has taken over our house. Goosers and I both got new phones and along with our tvs, laptops, and cameras... I feel a little run over with gadgets. One of the boys seen a picture like this the other day and said, "Mom, what isss that?" 

I said, "That's what phones used to look like honey."

So of course he asks, 

"Can you play games on it?"

  um, no.

I mean, Reese already knows how to use a touch screen and he is two. TWO.

He Looooves Wordwithfriends.


I am not the most observant person in the world. I usually will not notice your new haircut or your fabulous new purse... That is why I wasn't surprised that I didn't realize Ty has been wearing shoes that look like this for over a week.

Yes, his toes are fully sticking out.

To be fair, he has only had these shoes for about three weeks, but he uses his feet to stop himself when he rides his little car down the driveway. We wear shoes out around here like nobody's business.


I love that toddlers have no sense of embarrassment. They are just free to be exactly who they are and look as ridiculous and goofy as they want.

That is why I don't feel too bad about laughing as Reese comes so proudly out of the bathroom, having pulled up his pants all by himself, and walks around for the rest of the afternoon looking like this...


Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week. Church and big family dinners, usually followed by cake and ice cream to celebrate one of the 40 (I think that is what we are up to these days)  birthdays we have on my side. Then, games, walks to the park, volleyball, etc.

Yesterday, my little Tybo and I took a trip up Stone Mountain with some of the fam...

My grandparents have lived about a mile from the mountain my whole life, but it is still fun to make it to the top and see the incredible view. 

Even my beautiful Aunt Rita made it to the top at 8 months pregnant =) 


Speaking of pregnancies, I am going to another baby shower this Saturday. This will be the third shower already this year. I have been happy to celebrate all these new additions, but it is NOT helping my baby fever...

     Happy Monday Everyone! : )