Thursday, February 3, 2011

FF: A few good words...


 The twins are getting passed that "cute" talking stage...

You know, the stage when kids can't pronounce their p's and their y's and everything they say is just adorable and hilarious.

It's great that they are learning correct pronunciation and expanding their vocabulary, but sometimes it is really sad that they are growing up so fast...

Like for instance, 

Ty has called his twin brother Nolan "Nawni" since they were babies... it was one of his first words. It took Goose and I a few months to realize what he was saying, but once we did, we thought it was the sweetest thing.

 Ty, right after their fifth birthday, told me with much conviction that he was "not going to call his brother Nawni anymore because that is not his name!" 

The crazy thing is, he literally has not called him Nawni since then... just like that...  bizarre.

Thankfully the boys have a few words that they have not figured out quite yet... so I guess I better write them down before they are lost and gone forever.. 

which means:

Welcome to the 1st Edition of the:

BilsLand Translation Dictionary

We have three very different dialects around these parts... 

Dialect #1: 
Nolandish: contains actual English words, meanings vary. 


Banana Wipers: 
Two meanings:1. windshield wipers 2. vanilla wafers
UIS: 1. Mom, why are the banana wipers so loud?
         2. Mom, why did I only get 2 banana wipers and Ty got three?

Meaning: Oatmeal
UIS: Mom, can we have peaches and cream coleslaw for breakfast?

Go-Go Clothes:     
Meaning: any clothes that are not PJs
UIS: Mom, we can't leave yet cause I'm not wearing my go-go clothes.

Dialect #2: Tynese-  adds extra syllables to English words, very literal use of language.


Tomario: (Too-Mar-ee-o)
Meaning: tomorrow
UIS: Mom, do I have to go to school tomario?

Last Day: 
Meaning: yesterday
UIS: Mom, last day we got in trouble, but this day we will be good.

Bracamolie: (Brawk-a-mol-ie)
Meaning: Gaucamole
UIS: Mom, I love bracamolie

Meaning: favorite
UIS: Mom, you're my fraaavorite.

Meaning: girl
UIS: Mom, you are a  grill and Daddy is a boy.

Flaxlox: (flax-lockes) 
Meaning: unknown...(adults suspect it to be some type of profanity... elicits wild fits of laughter when used.)
UIS: Haha, Flaxlox!!

Dialect #3: Reesian: mostly unintelligible... kinda sounds like a monkey... ;)

          Hopefully I can add to the dictionary as more come to mind...

I know I will miss these days.

Heard any good kidisms lately?


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