Monday, January 24, 2011

MM: Baby Fever and China Town

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.} It took me a year, but I am finally down to my goal weight.

Why is it that when I can finally fit into my skinny jeans, I start getting baby fever? not so good... 

I blame it on all the new updates on Facebook of friends going into labor and babies being born... it seems like a new one every day this month! (Plus, my great friend Kell is due any time now- Can't wait to meet little Abigail!)

2. We filed our taxes yesterday. We are getting a pretty good refund this year... too bad it is all going to pay off debt. Maybe one day we will actually be able to spend it on something fun... 

like a cruise... 

or a full-time maid... 

or a never-ending supply of dark-chocolate peanut M&Ms... ;) 

3. My boys like to talk... a lot... especially when they get picked up from Pre-K.  The whole way home they are making plans for what they are going to do for the rest of the day.

Today's convo went something like this: 

Ty (5 yrs):  "Nolan, are you gonna to play Wii when we get home?"

Nolan (5 yrs): "ummm , no, I think I'm gonna play outside."

Ty: "yeah me too... but what if there are "chickmumps" out there?"

Nolan: "Chickmumps??? ....oh, I'll just have to take them down to china town."

Ty (laughing hysterically): "China Town?? okay... and when we get there, I'll just throw them in the hot lava."

Reese, 2 yrs old, in a slightly nervous voice: 

"Mom, where's China Town?"

I don't know son, but it sounds pretty menacing. ;)

4.And lastly, a letter:

Dear Sony Camera,  

I am really, really sorry, but you are slowly fading and I think it is time to let you go.. Don't be upset, we had a good run. You probably took a million pictures over the last few years. You captured a lot of good memories, but the last few events I tried to photograph, you really let me down. 

You are getting blurry in your old age, your focus is fading. Now what could have been a great pic, looks like this:

Art Stroll- Saturday Night

I think the time has come to replace you with a newer, hipper model. I'm sorry, but you knew this day would come.

   xoxoxo, Lily

So question... cameras?? what brand and model do you use? I need something in the mid price range...  (I'm not a professional, just like taking nice pics of my kids =)