Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It must be my lucky... Tuesday =)

I usually don't win things... like ever. 

If there is a raffle or lottery ticket or whatever kind of "luck of the draw" contest, I never get picked...(unlike my husband and his mom who win EVERYTHING)

But that all changed when I started blogging. 

I don't enter a lot of giveaways, but if I happen across something pretty cool- I'll post a comment, no big deal. 

Well- I won my blog makeover when I first started- which I really needed. 

And I just found out I won a Lisa Leonard $50.00 gift certificate from one of my favorite blogger's Carissa!!

If you don't know Lisa's jewelry... you should...  it is beautiful and sentimental and fabulous.

One of her necklaces was inspired by Angie Smith after losing her daughter Audrey... I wanted one last year for Mother's Day, but forgot about it. 

It is called "Marked by Love" and I can.not.wait. to order it with Evie's name on the back.

  (photos from Lisa Leonard's website)

Her website and blog are awesome too~ 
I really hope that Sailor Studio can one day get to this level online. She is so inspiring to me!