Friday, January 21, 2011

FF: Scraped Knees and No-pants vance...

Who am I?

Describe your parenting philosophy in 100 words or less:

I am a disposable-diapering, breast and bottle feeding, sleep in their own beds promoting, “let kids be kids” type of mom. I believe hugs and anytime prayers are important, having everything you want when you want it is not. Skinned knees, dirt, and kick-the-can are a must for any childhood and the five second rule only applies to dry foods... Disrespect is never okay and you better help that old lady with her groceries. Learn to lead not follow, love the un-lovable, and think before you do…  God will always be there when I am not, and His book is the only One with all the answers.

okay... maybe a little over 100 words. 

My philosophy actually changes quite often... parenting is an every minute, every day learning process. I try not to get on a soap-box too often because you never know when you will be eating your words (like how I thought I would NEVER let my baby use a pacifier... haha, then I had twins.)

Or when you think you're not gonna let them date till they're 16 and Nolan comes home with 2 girlfriends the first day of Pre-K...

Or like when you can't get your two year old to wear pants...

 (I'm mean seriously, this kid HATES pants.)

Or like when your five-year old gets a brand new Spider-man bike for his birthday,

 but instead of using it insists on riding the little car he has had since he was ONE... 

      yes, that is his knees scrapping   down the driveway.



....and that is why I don't have it all planned out, or a definitive answer on most parenting issues. You never, ever know what (or who) this life will hand you... ;)

Sooooo,  can you sum up your parenting philosophy in 100 words or less?

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