Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday Freakout: Who am I?

“I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.” Anaïs Nin

The past few months years have been a major time of reevaluation for me. Reevaluating what is important, what direction I need to take, and of course, things that I need to let go of or things that need to change.

It totally amazes me to be around content people… people who are just living day to day, never feeling like they need to change or improve themselves in any way.

I feel like I need to improve in every area of my life... all the time... it's exhausting... and it is not some “low-self-esteem, feeling worthless," type of thing it is more a “not wanting to waste this life on stagnant living” type of thing.

In case you didn’t know, I am not the most routine person.(Goose is the exact opposite, thankfully… someone has to be the sane one around here) I am sure you can tell from this blog… I go from posting 4 times a week to once a month quite often.

I never do anything the same way twice. I don’t wake up at the same time, I don’t put make-up on the same way, I don’t do the same workout, I don’t read one type of book, I don’t listen to a certain type of music, I have never had a set “style” it’s pretty much whatever I am the mood for that day… I go from looking super put-together and stylish one day to looking like I just rolled out of bed the next. I don’t like one type of décor, I don’t have a favorite meal, I still am not quite sure what degree or career I want…

I have tried to embrace this quality, but it has started bothering me. I sometimes get really confused about who I am…. 

Am I the recluse or the social butterfly? Am I logical and business minded, or am I the flaky artist? Am I the control freak or the ‘go with the flow’ girl?

I feel like 45 different people all rolled into one.

If I am playing psychologist for a minute, I would say this probably stems from the fact that I was the youngest and we moved around so much growing up. I was usually just into whatever my older siblings were into… and moving every year made it kind of hard to establish a real “identity.” I was kind of a chameleon…I moved to Ellijay when I was 16, and I went from listening to nothing but rap and R&B, getting my nails “did,” and wearing hoop earrings the size of bicycle tires... to being a “country girl,” huntin, muddin, and hangin out in the John Deere parkin' lot. (I would be a fantastic spy... learn a few new languages, I could fit in anywhere.)

...I moved back and forth… I hung out with totally different groups of people… I finally met my hubby and settled down…

I feel like I have never figured me out. I feel like if I am going to move in the direction that God wants me to go, I need to be confident in the person He created me to be.

I just have to figure out who that is...  so that is why I named this chapter of my life "Transparency."

Transparent: 3. Obvious and easy to recognize: clearly recognizable as what he, she, or it really is.

I don’t want to be afraid of who I am and what I believe in.

I want everyone I meet, to meet the same me, the real me. Does that even make sense?

I am thinking my quarter-life crisis is lasting a little longer than normal… 

So enough about me... what about you?

Have you ever went through an "identity crisis?"

Monday, January 24, 2011

MM: Baby Fever and China Town

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.} It took me a year, but I am finally down to my goal weight.

Why is it that when I can finally fit into my skinny jeans, I start getting baby fever? not so good... 

I blame it on all the new updates on Facebook of friends going into labor and babies being born... it seems like a new one every day this month! (Plus, my great friend Kell is due any time now- Can't wait to meet little Abigail!)

2. We filed our taxes yesterday. We are getting a pretty good refund this year... too bad it is all going to pay off debt. Maybe one day we will actually be able to spend it on something fun... 

like a cruise... 

or a full-time maid... 

or a never-ending supply of dark-chocolate peanut M&Ms... ;) 

3. My boys like to talk... a lot... especially when they get picked up from Pre-K.  The whole way home they are making plans for what they are going to do for the rest of the day.

Today's convo went something like this: 

Ty (5 yrs):  "Nolan, are you gonna to play Wii when we get home?"

Nolan (5 yrs): "ummm , no, I think I'm gonna play outside."

Ty: "yeah me too... but what if there are "chickmumps" out there?"

Nolan: "Chickmumps??? ....oh, I'll just have to take them down to china town."

Ty (laughing hysterically): "China Town?? okay... and when we get there, I'll just throw them in the hot lava."

Reese, 2 yrs old, in a slightly nervous voice: 

"Mom, where's China Town?"

I don't know son, but it sounds pretty menacing. ;)

4.And lastly, a letter:

Dear Sony Camera,  

I am really, really sorry, but you are slowly fading and I think it is time to let you go.. Don't be upset, we had a good run. You probably took a million pictures over the last few years. You captured a lot of good memories, but the last few events I tried to photograph, you really let me down. 

You are getting blurry in your old age, your focus is fading. Now what could have been a great pic, looks like this:

Art Stroll- Saturday Night

I think the time has come to replace you with a newer, hipper model. I'm sorry, but you knew this day would come.

   xoxoxo, Lily

So question... cameras?? what brand and model do you use? I need something in the mid price range...  (I'm not a professional, just like taking nice pics of my kids =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

FF: Scraped Knees and No-pants vance...

Who am I?

Describe your parenting philosophy in 100 words or less:

I am a disposable-diapering, breast and bottle feeding, sleep in their own beds promoting, “let kids be kids” type of mom. I believe hugs and anytime prayers are important, having everything you want when you want it is not. Skinned knees, dirt, and kick-the-can are a must for any childhood and the five second rule only applies to dry foods... Disrespect is never okay and you better help that old lady with her groceries. Learn to lead not follow, love the un-lovable, and think before you do…  God will always be there when I am not, and His book is the only One with all the answers.

okay... maybe a little over 100 words. 

My philosophy actually changes quite often... parenting is an every minute, every day learning process. I try not to get on a soap-box too often because you never know when you will be eating your words (like how I thought I would NEVER let my baby use a pacifier... haha, then I had twins.)

Or when you think you're not gonna let them date till they're 16 and Nolan comes home with 2 girlfriends the first day of Pre-K...

Or like when you can't get your two year old to wear pants...

 (I'm mean seriously, this kid HATES pants.)

Or like when your five-year old gets a brand new Spider-man bike for his birthday,

 but instead of using it insists on riding the little car he has had since he was ONE... 

      yes, that is his knees scrapping   down the driveway.



....and that is why I don't have it all planned out, or a definitive answer on most parenting issues. You never, ever know what (or who) this life will hand you... ;)

Sooooo,  can you sum up your parenting philosophy in 100 words or less?

Oh, and for any of you Sailor Studio fans (or any jewelry fans)... we are hosting a giveaway at our brand new blog today:

Just go HERE to enter :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It must be my lucky... Tuesday =)

I usually don't win things... like ever. 

If there is a raffle or lottery ticket or whatever kind of "luck of the draw" contest, I never get picked...(unlike my husband and his mom who win EVERYTHING)

But that all changed when I started blogging. 

I don't enter a lot of giveaways, but if I happen across something pretty cool- I'll post a comment, no big deal. 

Well- I won my blog makeover when I first started- which I really needed. 

And I just found out I won a Lisa Leonard $50.00 gift certificate from one of my favorite blogger's Carissa!!

If you don't know Lisa's jewelry... you should...  it is beautiful and sentimental and fabulous.

One of her necklaces was inspired by Angie Smith after losing her daughter Audrey... I wanted one last year for Mother's Day, but forgot about it. 

It is called "Marked by Love" and I can.not.wait. to order it with Evie's name on the back.

  (photos from Lisa Leonard's website)

Her website and blog are awesome too~ 
I really hope that Sailor Studio can one day get to this level online. She is so inspiring to me! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

MM: Snowdays and X-rated Accidents

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. We are snowed in… 

Goose told me to stop by the store on my way home Saturday night and said we need: eggs, milk, and bread…

Ummmm yeah…. 


Snow in Georgia equates CHAOS… if the weatherman utters “possibility of snow,” every grocery store is emptied and people start driving with their hazard lights on.
We have been expecting snow for a week- and last night we definitely got our fair share- 5-6 inches in our front yard, which is huge for the outskirts of Atlanta…

The boys are loving it =) 

2.   Ty and Nolan turned 5 right before Christmas. 


I actually tried my hand at making their cakes and they turned out pretty well…

Mario Kart cake for Ty

Dinosaur cake for Nolan

Of course, it wasn't until a week later when we all looked through the pictures that I realized what the “river” looks like from a certain angle… 

Mom- don't look!!

Sorry everyone!   Leave it to me to be that unobservant… 

Really didn’t mean to make an X-rated cake for my 5 year old.

Did any of my family notice this????

3. December was a crazy month for Sailor Studio- we sold almost all of our store inventory which is amazing because now we get to work on a whole new line for spring and summer- we have so many new ideas we can’t keep up- so, so blessed to be busy! =)

  (Of course, I did take the time to make myself a little Christmas present =) 


4. So I am working on updating the online store and hoping to get our new items up this week which means… 

Check back on Friday! We will be doing another giveaway- from our new Sailor “Sweetheart” line for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of our personalized bracelets- Anniversary date can be placed on the reverse side. 


5. I just realized this is my first post of the year... 

Hmmmm- I guess the “blog more” resolution is already out the window…;)