Monday, November 8, 2010

MM: Oh, that's just Ty, trying to blow up the house...

 1) What happens when you mix a 4 year old who is slightly neurotic about all things electrical, a copper penny, and a Daddy who isn't paying attention?

One guess.

That's right... this kid:

is one lucky goose. 

He didn't get hurt, but he did blow the breaker and make all the lights in the back of the house go out.

2) Speaking of lucky (or should I say protected by angels) my mom and nephew were eating at a Chick-fil-a  a few nights ago in Snellville, and a young guy in a black ski mask came in with a gun and robbed the place.

My mom and Mason (who is three) were the only customers there: Mom grabbed Mason, ducked behind a trash can in the back and called the police... guy ran out and they haven't caught him yet.

I think I would have passed out.

Seriously. Scar-y.

3) My kids were awesome on Halloween this year... we went to a church fall festival and the boys went trick-or-treating with their cousins.

I made their costumes again (my once-a-year attempt at sewing)...

I think they turned out pretty well.

 Phineas, Ferb, and Agent P (Perry the Platypus)

Once Reese realized that everyone he went to was giving out candy, he just could not believe it.

 4) So we have been working like crazy this week, trying to get our new online store organized... we used Ecrater (totally free marketplace) 
Loving it so far!
We are making Christmas ornaments this week, getting ready for the holiday season...(is it seriously November already!?)

Enameled Cross: Ornament
Black and Blue- Butterfly necklace:

Also, head over to Steph's 1st Blog Anniversary celebration for a chance to win something from our shop!

Happy Monday =)