Friday, September 24, 2010

The moment you all have been waiting for...

(scroll down for chance to win)

Okay... maybe you all haven't been waiting... but I am going to tell you anyway!

(For any first time visitors to my blog- I usually write ridiculous stories about my life with 3 crazy little boys... stuff like this - I will back to that ASAP! =).

I know all my real-life friends and family are sick of hearing about it by now, but for all my blogger friends who don't know...

Earlier this year, my mom
(who has worked with enamel on copper plates and sculpture for 30 years at Ratcliff Studio) applied for an opportunity to open her own studio/store along with 5 other artists. It is part of a program hoping to renovate the small village of Stone Mountain, which has gone downhill over the past few years.

Meanwhile, my sister-n-law Britni and I started spending a lot of time at Ratcliff Studio with my mom and Peggy, designing and creating enamel on copper jewelry.

 Glory Blue- Necklace


After a few months of waiting...

My mom was chosen for the program!

After discussing ideas and attending some of the business workshops together, we decided to go for it together, and
Sailor Studio was formed.

(My business head shot- Thank you Aunt Stephanie!)

Now this process has been extremely fast, and we are all getting a crash course in business management- but we thankfully have some amazing support from the Art Station and the City.

Our official store opening is in October 2nd

...the GRAND opening is October 8th.

I am getting a little nervous... building something from the ground up is a very long and tedious process
(ugh, all the paperwork is ridiculous!)

But it will be ours... and being able to have our own shop and gallery is so exciting!

Now to the Art!!

Our pieces are all hand-made and crafted by us. We try to design jewelry that doesn't look like the manufactured stuff you see at mall shops... Every item is a one of a kind! We layer our copper with enamel
(a type of ground glass) using a number of techniques. Then place it in a "flash-fire" kiln at 1500 degrees. Most pieces take 2-3 firings each.

It's HOT!!


We just opened our website and online store, and as a promotion we would love to give one of my fabulous online readers (you know I love ya!) a chance to win one of our new accessories.

Sailor Studio

Just check out our site and leave a comment on my blog telling me which item you would like to win! Simple! This is open to everyone- just make sure your email address is accessible so I can contact you if you are the winner =) 

Promote us on your own blog/twitter/or facebook for extra entries!Just make sure to leave a comment for each.

I will pick the winner Tuesday Night!

Autumn Falls- Bracelet


Gold Drops- 1" Earrings

Antique Blue- Earrings (Iris Collection)

For other chances to win, become a fan of our Facebook page HERE! We also have some items posted there that are not yet on the website.


Okay, okay, enough self- promotion! Don't worry- my blog isn't going to turn into a business ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read... 

Please send your prayers our way to help us through all these upcoming events!