Friday, August 27, 2010

What life is like...

What is life like around here?

One word.


I went from 6 months of doing a whole lotta nothing- sleepin in with the boys, blogging, running, and cleaning the house were basically all I had goin on.

Then August started.

And my life went from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds.

Now my life looks like this- MondaythruFridayGetboysupmakelunchesandbreakfastgetdressedGooserstakesthetwinsIload


I know this kind of schedule is probably the norm for you workin mamas, but I have been out of the work game for a while, and now I am trying to open a business on top of finishing my degree... sometimes I don't think my brain could possibly hold anymoreinformation-I'm in OVERDRIVE 95% of the day.

Of course, I still try to take a moment and laugh.

usually at my kids.

Like at Reese when
(as I am watching him in the rear view mirror) picks his nose, looks at his finger and says, "Mom, this booger needs to go in the trashcan. we don't throw boogers on the floor."


(could he look anymore like Nolan?)

Or when Ty talks about his new best friend at school named Joshua
(which he totally pronounces like Rachel did on Friends... Joshwaaa.) They play "light-sabers" and have already been separated for talking too much.

Nolan is still in love with Faith-Ann, who was sick this week and the teacher said he was just lost without her. =)

Oh, and in all the chaos I keep forgetting that Goosers is turning 30 next week. THIRTY! I was planning on putting together a big party or something but I uuuuuuggghhhhhhh.

that's it.

I'm hiring a secretary.

hopefully, I can find one who works for free. =)

Have a great weekend everyone!!