Friday, August 27, 2010

What life is like...

What is life like around here?

One word.


I went from 6 months of doing a whole lotta nothing- sleepin in with the boys, blogging, running, and cleaning the house were basically all I had goin on.

Then August started.

And my life went from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds.

Now my life looks like this- MondaythruFridayGetboysupmakelunchesandbreakfastgetdressedGooserstakesthetwinsIload


I know this kind of schedule is probably the norm for you workin mamas, but I have been out of the work game for a while, and now I am trying to open a business on top of finishing my degree... sometimes I don't think my brain could possibly hold anymoreinformation-I'm in OVERDRIVE 95% of the day.

Of course, I still try to take a moment and laugh.

usually at my kids.

Like at Reese when
(as I am watching him in the rear view mirror) picks his nose, looks at his finger and says, "Mom, this booger needs to go in the trashcan. we don't throw boogers on the floor."


(could he look anymore like Nolan?)

Or when Ty talks about his new best friend at school named Joshua
(which he totally pronounces like Rachel did on Friends... Joshwaaa.) They play "light-sabers" and have already been separated for talking too much.

Nolan is still in love with Faith-Ann, who was sick this week and the teacher said he was just lost without her. =)

Oh, and in all the chaos I keep forgetting that Goosers is turning 30 next week. THIRTY! I was planning on putting together a big party or something but I uuuuuuggghhhhhhh.

that's it.

I'm hiring a secretary.

hopefully, I can find one who works for free. =)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Knew This Day Would Come.

Is it possible?

Did I actually go school shopping and pick out little bookbags?

Fill out clinic forms, contact info, and car rider tags?

Tour the school, meet teachers, and sign up for the PTA?

Did I pack up 2 little lunches and add in 2 little hand-written notes?

Tie up brand new school shoes and and fix their wild hair?

Walk them to their classroom and drop them off with total strangers?

Cry my eyes out after walking out with just my little Reese?

Did my little twinners actually start school???

They did...

and the house is quiet.

Reese is loving his time as an only child =)

It kinda freaks me out. I have never had just one kid. It is so strange to be able to talk and focus on one little guy. I am starting to understand the "only child" thing; Reese is getting spoiled!!

I knew this time was coming, but it still doesn't make it any easier.

They are growing up too fast!

Nolan came home yesterday and said he has a new girlfriend, Faith-Ann.
I said,"geeez honey, don't you wanna weigh your options? It's only your 2nd day."

Gotta love em. =)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MM: What am I doing with my Life?

*1* Being a wife, mom, and full-time student is tough. I am about to start the most strenuous semester I have had so far in my education career and I am a little nervous about it.

*2* My 2 Four year old little boys are about to start public school Pre-K. They will be away from home 5 days a week- full school hours. I never thought I would have a problem with them going to school, but it is really starting to freak me out. They just seem way too young to be gone that much.

I mean, Ty doesn't even realize that he walked around all morning with a frosted flake on the tip of his nose... how is he going to survive public school???

*3*Reese is going on a week, A WEEK with NO diaper. and only a couple accidents. Do you know how long it has been since I didn't have to buy and carry around diapers?

4 1/2 years.


I love when my kids make up words- or combine words to make life a little easier. Reese has combined pee and poop when explaining his bathroom needs....

He now says, "Mom, I need to go peep."

*5* My mom was chosen to open a store front gallery in a small downtown area that is being renovated. If she decides to go for it (huge commitment- my mom has never been the 9-5 type) I will be working with her to create enamel plates/jewelry/and other art pieces to stock her inventory. I also get to help her with advertising and marketing.

We have talked about going into business together- you know, mother/daughter type of thing- which would be awesome...

Goose says I might be overextending myself.

My response... when do I
not overextend myself?

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