Friday, July 2, 2010

Spiritual Freedom

What comes to mind when you think of freedom?

Is it living in a free country? the privilege of voting?

Is it being able to stay home with your kids? Being able to raise your children how you see fit?

Is it the dream of going to college? owning your own business? the idea of marrying for love? or living wherever you choose?

Or is it simply getting to chose what you wear? what you eat? what you read?

Freedom can mean so many different things to different people… some freedoms we enjoy change day to day. Someone loses a job and suddenly they might not have the freedom to go out to eat 2x a week or pay their bills on time. We could lose the freedom to walk or talk after a bad accident. Even the rights and freedoms we share today as citizens of the US might not be the same tomorrow.

There is only one freedom that I have that I know without a doubt, a hundred percent, I will never be without…

and that is the liberty I have in Christ.

Even though I live in a free country, I have been bound and broken many times.

Like many others, I was enslaved to a life that didn’t fit, a life that made me bitter and angry. I pretended to be confident and happy, but I was really self-loathing and irresponsible. I acted like a arrogant, pessimistic child who believed generational curses would forever determine my future… so why bother trying for anything better?

I was going down a sad, slippery slope a hundred miles an hour until God stopped me dead in my tracks.

Trusting Him, I began a new life, without excuses, without the burden of my past. I was free from what the world’s statistics said I should be and began to experience a life full of more love than I ever imagined.

I’m sure Americans were pretty ecstatic when they first won their freedom… they were pumped up with big ideas, ready to move forward, live life to the fullest, and try to make this country better than all the rest.

When we feel that first rush of freedom in Christ, we are fired up, excited about where God is taking us… spiritual highs are so powerful…

Then the world’s excesses start squeezing back in; physical circumstances, family, jobs, and internal struggles start to take over. We allow ourselves to be forced back into the bondage of discontent, busyness, and our “to-do” lists.

God is put on a back-burner and faith becomes boring, stagnant religion… completely lacking passion and joy.

It doesn’t make sense to let fleeting circumstances steal my joy because I know what God’s true Love feels like… I have never felt more alive, more inspired, and more free than when I am walking with Him. It just takes the effort of ridding my head of the garbage that is constantly thrown in it, and allowing Him to fill my life with all that is good… sometimes all it takes is a quiet room and a few honest words to get back there.

Christ came so that we could be free: free from the pain of our past, free from the burden of our present circumstances, and free from fear of the future.

His is a freedom that I don’t ever want to take for granted.

So during this Independence Day weekend, along with being incredibly thankful for all of those who fought and died to free this country,

I will also remember to thank the One who came to free the world.

Galatians 5:1
1: Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

I have to thank my pastor for inspiring this post with his message on freedom =) I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe weekend!