Friday, July 23, 2010

Part 4 in the Story of Us: A Wedding Story

6 years of Married Bliss... and maybe a few marriage bumps...

But this guy…

Is still the only one for me =)

Part 4: A Wedding Story

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Our wedding day was awesome, but it wasn’t completely void of mishaps…

1. Me and the girls went to get our nails done, on the way there my maid of honor left her wallet on the trunk of her car while getting gas and drove off without it. Then, somehow the rest of us did not have cash or credit cards… longstoryshort… we got our nails done with NO way to pay for it… I am pretty sure there was a frantic phone call involved and someone rushing up to the nail salon…

So we were already off schedule…

2. We went to get our hair done. We drive ALL the way there and realize, I don’t have my veil… which was supposed to be fixed into my hair… whoops! get hair done without veil, we deal with that later….

3. My mom calls in the MIDDLE of getting my hair done and says this,

“yeah Lily, the table centerpieces (which we had put together the day before) are blowing all over the tent… what do you want me to do?”

“ummm let’s see mom, probably NOT call the bride 4 hours before the wedding and make her FREAK OUT… Just FIX it!!”

4. I forgot to buy shoes. (I told you I was bad at being a girl, who forgets their wedding shoes???) I realized this like an hour before the wedding- Thankfully, my Aunt Tanya wears close to the same size as me and had a pair of white shoes that I could borrow at the last minute. =)

Regardless of the mishaps we had a sweet, fun wedding that was exactly what I wanted… a little unconventional, but it was definitely “us.”

Wedding Location: My Aunt and Uncles back yard- down by the river. Reception in a rented tent.

Theme: Rock-n-Roll- black and white




Copy of jessie 1122

Music: Goose’s band, Anthem, played and we had other dance music.

First Dance: Anthem’s version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis


Food: ummmm...who cares?

Send-off: Instead of bubbles, we gave out lighters with hearts on them. To go with the “rock-n-roll” theme, we had everyone light their lighters as we walked through- then my Uncle set off some huge –probably illegal- fireworks… We drove away in my aunt’s convertible and went to the Westin in Atlanta for our wedding night…

Everything went by sooooo fast.

My in-laws ~ Love all of them!!!!


My beautiful siblings =)


6 crazy, hectic, amazing years...

Can't wait to see what else God has in store for us!

....and I also can't wait to see where goose is taking me tonight. ;)