Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Part 3: An Engaged Story

If you want to catch-up on the first 2 parts, click here: A Dating Story and The Proposal

After our “we’re getting married” announcement over the holidays in 2003, me and Goosers had no idea what we were getting into...

Now as I have mentioned before, I am kind of terrible at being a girl… and I didn’t really think I would be getting married…



So I didn’t have this “dream” wedding idea in my head and I was without a giant, pink notebook of magazine cut-outs and cake designs.

But what I did have is a very large, creative group of women in my family who started coming up with crazy ideas for location, theme, reception, all that.

I think our first wedding date was Sept. then it changed to August. then I moved it up to July. See I didn’t really give a crap care about the wedding, I was just ready to be married! (I’m a little impatient that way)

I found these pictures of when I went to try on dresses with Jess and my sis-n-law Brit.

I laughed and laughed… (they probably aren’t that funny, but you should have just seen me at the time, I was sooooo out of place…)

Here was a nice night-gown wedding dress??? (and what is up with my mushroom haircut?)

Jan 2004

Trying on wedding dresses- not my idea of a good time…


The Cinderella dress… I felt like a little girl playing dress up:

Jan 2004 018

Jan 2004 sparkle dress

This was one of the only ones I liked- it was sooo pretty, but it had so many beads and details it weighed like a 1000 lbs and I was getting married outdoors in July… wasn’t tryin to have a heat stroke on my wedding day =)

And I am sure they will love me for posting these- but look at my bridesmaids faces!

these dresses were all terrible- blech!


Picture Jess

My dress and their dresses ended up looking NOTHING like these…

When my mom seen the dress I bought, she actually said, “Oh No Lily, you can’t wear that”

The dress was the only thing my mom and I fought about the whole wedding. But I think once she seen the bridesmaid dresses and everything else, she realized my dress wasn’t going to look that out of place. =)

The next 6 months flew by. I wanted a simple outdoor ceremony. I didn’t want traditional, no wedding “etiquette” books for me…

There was the shower (Egyptian theme pool party-tons of fun)

shower233 1

And all my Chilis girls (where I worked at the time) threw me a bachelorette party at one of their houses.

SOOO much fun- Some of these girls i haven’t seen in a long time! – miss them!!

Bachelorette Party

Then there was the rehearsal dinner, which was on my 20th birthday. Goosers got me a guitar for my birthday… I think that is the only birthday present he has ever bought me. Ha! …. no seriously. I usually just go shopping for my bday and pick out my own gift. =)

My bridal breakdown happened a few days before the wedding- basically we were working on flowers and seating for the wedding ceremony and I just lost it...

started bawling my eyes out for NO reason whatsoever...

I think everything was just overwhelming, I went from just wanting a little ceremony somewhere and a party with friends and family to inviting 200 people and worrying about a bunch of nonsense. But I got over it and went on to really enjoy everything!

So are you wondering what my bridesmaids dresses ended up looking like, and why my mom almost fainted when she seen my dress? I'll show you on Friday (which is our 6 year anniversary) with the Final Part of our beginnings...

A Wedding Story =)